66 Facts About Richard Lugar

1. Richard Lugar initiated a biofuels research program to help decrease US dependency on foreign oil.

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2. Richard Lugar volunteered for the US Navy in 1957, ultimately serving as an intelligence briefer for Admiral Arleigh Burke, chief of Naval Operations.

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3. Richard Lugar is a member of the United Methodist Church.

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4. Richard Lugar is a member of the board of the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

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5. Richard Lugar is a member of the board of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, an organization involved in international elections.

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6. Richard Lugar served on the Board of Directors of the National Endowment for Democracy from 1992 to 2001.

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7. On February 16, 2013, Richard Lugar was named the Rotarian of the Century.

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8. Richard Lugar joined the Rotary Club of Indianapolis in 1957 and spoke at the club annually during his time in the US Senate.

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9. Richard Lugar is a member the Indiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution as well as a member of the Society of Indiana Pioneers, based on his descent from very early settlers in the state.

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10. In 2014, Richard Lugar received the Golden Laurel Branch award, the highest honor given by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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11. Richard Lugar was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit, from Germany, in 2013 for his work on fostering transatlantic cooperation.

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12. Richard Lugar currently serves as President of the Lugar Center.

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13. Richard Lugar represented Indiana in the United States Senate for more than 30 years.

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14. Richard Lugar has received numerous awards, including Guardian of Small Business, the Spirit of Enterprise, Watchdog of the Treasury, and 46 honorary doctorate degrees.

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15. Richard Lugar was instrumental to the fall of the dictatorial Marcos regime in the Philippines and overseeing the 1985 presidential election there, urging intervention from the Reagan administration.

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16. On May 6, 1986, Richard Lugar was among 22 senators to vote in favor of the Reagan administration-backed proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia, warning other senators prior to voting that they "were taking a headlong plunge in opposition to the President of the United States.

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17. In October 2010, Richard Lugar voted against repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy—which prevented gays and lesbians from serving openly in the armed forces.

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18. Richard Lugar voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment, limiting the definition of marriage to one man and one woman.

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19. Richard Lugar holds a socially conservative approach on the LGBT issue.

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20. Richard Lugar has a generally liberal stance on immigration, supporting the DREAM Act during the Obama administration and the McCain–Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill under the Bush administration, both of which died in Congress.

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21. Richard Lugar opposed President Barack Obama's health reform legislation, voted against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in December 2009, and voted against the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.

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22. Richard Lugar has an F rating from the National Rifle Association of America.

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23. Richard Lugar voted against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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24. Richard Lugar described US sanctions on Cuba as a failed policy and wrote to President Obama that "additional measures are needed.

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25. Richard Lugar is a firm believer in pragmatic, scientific solutions to climate change issues.

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26. Richard Lugar continues to support bipartisan solutions and initiatives as one of the policy focus areas of The Lugar Center.

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27. Richard Lugar worked to initiate a biofuels research program to help increase US utilization of ethanol and combustion fuels, and led initiatives to streamline the US Department of Agriculture, reform the food stamp program, and preserve the federal school lunch program.

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28. Richard Lugar declared his candidacy on 19 April 1995 in Indianapolis.

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29. Richard Lugar offered praise to Clinton as "the epitome of a big leaguer".

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30. On January 13, 2009, Richard Lugar participated in the confirmation for Secretary of State nominee Hillary Clinton, raising questions on the potential conflict of interest between her husband Bill's charitable activities and her new position.

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31. On February 12, 1999, Richard Lugar voted in favor of both articles of impeachment against President Clinton, calling his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky "shameless, reckless and indefensible" and criticized him for creating a negative environment for those around.

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32. Richard Lugar was of the view that the United States wanted full partnership with Europeans that could only arise from "recognition on their side that our men and women in the armed forces are taking risks right now.

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33. In June 1991, Richard Lugar joined fellow Senators William Cohen and John Warner in revealing their dissent with space-based weapons, a central competent of the Bush administration's version of the Strategic Defense Initiative, in a letter and speeches.

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34. On October 2, 1990, Richard Lugar voted in favor of the nomination of David Souter for Associate Justice on the United States Supreme Court.

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35. Richard Lugar was the only sitting senator to attend the January 18, 1989 Rose Garden ceremony for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish after their victory in the 1989 Fiesta Bowl.

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36. Richard Lugar attended the July 11, 1988 White House meeting on the subject of legislation to provide financial relief to farmers affected by the showers in the Midwestern and Southern United States, Lugar during which indicating the willingness of his party to support the measure.

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37. Around this time, Richard Lugar conferred with John Poindexter, a key figure in the scandal.

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38. In June 1984, Richard Lugar voted in favor of legislation restricting federal highway funds for states that did not raise the minimum age for drinking to 21.

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39. Richard Lugar voted against the May 1984 budget freeze meant to reduce the budget deficit.

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40. In March 1984, Richard Lugar voted in favor of a constitutional amendment authorizing periods in public school for silent prayer, and President Reagan's unsuccessful proposal for a constitutional amendment permitting organized school prayer in public schools.

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41. On July 13, 1983, Richard Lugar voted in favor of an authorization to appropriate 130 million toward the development of nerve gas bombs and shells.

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42. On December 23, 1982, Richard Lugar voted in favor of a 5 cent a gallon increase on gasoline taxes across the US imposed to aid the financing of highway repairs and mass transit.

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43. On December 2, 1981, Richard Lugar voted in favor of an amendment to President Reagan's MX missiles proposal that would divert the silo system by $334 million as well as earmark further research for other methods that would allow giant missiles to be based.

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44. On October 15, 1981, Richard Lugar voted against the recommendation of the disapproval toward the Reagan administration's intent to sell Awacs radar surveillance planes and other air-combat equipment to Saudi Arabia.

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45. Richard Lugar addressed Carter during the ceremony by thanking him for signing what Lugar called "very humane and compassionate legislation" that was important for the US.

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46. Richard Lugar attended the January 7, 1980 signing ceremony of the Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979 in the Cabinet Room.

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47. Richard Lugar was the first six-term US senator to lose his seat in a primary election since Kenneth McKellar in 1952.

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48. The only two counties that Richard Lugar carried were Boone and Marion.

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49. Richard Lugar won reelection to a sixth term, defeating Libertarian Steve Osborn.

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50. Richard Lugar won reelection to a fifth term, defeating Democrat David Johnson.

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51. Richard Lugar became the first Indiana US senator elected to a fourth term.

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52. Richard Lugar won reelection to a fourth term, defeating Democratic former US Congressman Jim Jontz.

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53. Richard Lugar won reelection to a third term, defeating Democrat Jack Wickes.

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54. In 1972 Richard Lugar was the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention.

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55. Richard Lugar is closely associated with the adoption of Unigov in 1970, which unified the governments of Indianapolis and Marion County.

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56. Richard Lugar served on the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners from 1964 to 1967.

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57. Richard Lugar manages his family's 604-acre Marion County corn, soybean and tree farm.

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58. Richard Lugar served in the US Navy from 1956 to 1960; one of his assignments was as an intelligence briefer for Admiral Arleigh Burke.

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59. Richard Lugar went on to attend Pembroke College, Oxford, England, as a Rhodes Scholar, and received a second bachelor's degree and a master's degree in 1956.

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60. Richard Lugar graduated first in his class at Shortridge High School in 1950 and from Denison University in 1954 where he was a member of Beta Theta Pi.

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61. Richard Lugar was born on April 4, 1932, in Indianapolis, Indiana, the son of Bertha and Marvin Lugar.

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62. Richard Lugar is a member of Partnership for a Secure America's bipartisan Advisory Board.

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63. Richard Lugar is the longest-serving senator in Indiana's history and until leaving office was the most senior Republican member of the Senate.

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64. In 2012, Richard Lugar was defeated in a primary challenge by Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, ending his 36-year tenure in the US Senate.

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65. Richard Lugar was reelected in 1982, 1988, 1994, 2000 and 2006.

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66. Richard Lugar served on the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners from 1964 to 1967 before he was elected to two terms as Mayor of Indianapolis, serving from 1968 to 1976.

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