43 Facts About Benjamin Harrison

1. Benjamin Harrison has always been known for its natural beauty and enchanting charm.

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2. Benjamin Harrison is an Associate of Morgan Stanley and is based in New York.

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3. In 1890, Republican president Benjamin Harrison was facing a revolt in the midterms.

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4. Benjamin Harrison is expected to appeal that 18-month sentence Harpootlian, known for his colorful personality, defeated attorney Benjamin Dunn in the special election to flip the seat Courson had held for 34 years.

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5. Benjamin Harrison was born to a Presbyterian family on Aug 20, 1833, on his grandfather's farm in North Bend, Ohio.

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6. In 1942, a Liberty Ship, the SS Benjamin Harrison, was named in his honor.

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7. Benjamin Harrison was featured on the five-dollar National Bank Notes from the third charter period, beginning in 1902.

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8. Benjamin Harrison developed what was thought to be influenza in February 1901.

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9. Benjamin Harrison was an active Presbyterian and served as an Elder in the First Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis and on a special committee on creed revision in the national Presbyterian General Assembly.

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10. In 1898, Benjamin Harrison served as an attorney for the Republic of Venezuela in their British Guiana boundary dispute with the United Kingdom.

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11. Benjamin Harrison had been elected a companion of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States in 1882, and was elected as commander of the Ohio Commandery on May 3, 1893.

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12. At the convention in Minneapolis, Benjamin Harrison prevailed on the first ballot, but encountered significant opposition.

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13. Benjamin Harrison enjoyed a number of short trips out of the capital—usually for hunting—to nearby Virginia or Maryland.

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14. Benjamin Harrison had considered Henry Billings Brown, a Michigan judge and admiralty law expert, for the first vacancy and now nominated him for the second.

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15. Benjamin Harrison appointed four justices to the Supreme Court of the United States.

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16. Benjamin Harrison was interested in expanding American influence in Hawaii and in establishing a naval base at Pearl Harbor but had not previously expressed an opinion on annexing the islands.

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17. Benjamin Harrison successfully asked the congress to enact the Meat Inspection Act to eliminate the accusations of product compromise.

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18. Benjamin Harrison engaged Whitelaw Reid, minister to France, and William Walter Phelps, minister to Germany, to restore these exports for the country without delay.

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19. Benjamin Harrison had electricity installed in the White House for the first time by Edison General Electric Company, but he and his wife would not touch the light switches for fear of electrocution and would often go to sleep with the lights on.

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20. Benjamin Harrison was the earliest president whose voice is known to be preserved.

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21. Benjamin Harrison was the first to give a prehistoric Indian Ruin, Casa Grande in Arizona, federal protection.

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22. In March 1891 Congress enacted and Benjamin Harrison signed the Land Revision Act of 1891.

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23. Benjamin Harrison quickly saw the enactment of the Dependent and Disability Pension Act in 1890, a cause he had championed while in Congress.

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24. In foreign affairs, Benjamin Harrison reaffirmed the Monroe Doctrine as a mainstay of foreign policy, while urging modernization of the Navy and a merchant marine force.

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25. Benjamin Harrison was sworn into office on Monday, March 4, 1889 by Chief Justice Melville Fuller.

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26. Benjamin Harrison placed fifth on the first ballot, with Sherman in the lead, and the next few ballots showed little change.

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27. Benjamin Harrison returned to Indianapolis and resumed his law practice, but stayed active in state and national politics.

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28. In the Senate, Benjamin Harrison achieved passage of his Dependent Pension Bill, only to see it vetoed by President Grover Cleveland.

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29. Benjamin Harrison opposed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which his party supported, as he thought it violated existing treaties with China.

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30. Benjamin Harrison centered his campaign on economic policy and favored deflating the national currency.

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31. On January 2, 1864, Benjamin Harrison was promoted to command the 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the XX Corps.

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32. Benjamin Harrison told the governor, "If I can be of any service, I will go".

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33. The new partners worked together until Benjamin Harrison entered the Union Army after the start of the American Civil War.

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34. Benjamin Harrison was an active supporter of the Republican Party's platform and served as Republican State Committee's secretary.

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35. Benjamin Harrison became a founding member and first president of both the University Club, a private gentlemen's club in Indianapolis, and the Phi Delta Theta Alumni Club.

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36. Benjamin Harrison was admitted to the Ohio bar in early 1854, the same year he sold property that he had inherited after the death of an aunt for $800 and used the funds to move with Caroline to Indianapolis, Indiana.

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37. Benjamin Harrison joined a Presbyterian church at college and, like his mother, became a lifelong Presbyterian.

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38. Benjamin Harrison was seven years old when his grandfather was elected US president, but he did not attend the inauguration.

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39. Benjamin Harrison was born on August 20, 1833, in North Bend, Ohio, the second of Elizabeth Ramsey and John Scott Harrison's eight children.

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40. Benjamin Harrison traveled to the court of Paris as part of the case and after a brief stay returned to Indianapolis.

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41. Benjamin Harrison returned to private life and his law practice in Indianapolis.

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42. Benjamin Harrison facilitated the creation of the national forest reserves through an amendment to the Land Revision Act of 1891.

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43. Benjamin Harrison was an American politician and lawyer who served as the 23rd President of the United States from 1889 to 1893.

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