41 Facts About Ricky Morton


Richard Wendell Morton was born on September 21,1956 and is an American professional wrestler, currently performing on the independent circuit.


Ricky Morton is the current GCW Television Champion, after pinning Matt Cardona at GCW Say You Will.


For most of his career, Ricky Morton has performed with Robert Gibson as The Rock N' Roll Express, described as "the consummate baby face tag team".


Ricky Morton has held dozens of championships throughout his career, including the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Tag Team Championship, USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship, USWA World Tag Team Championship, and WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.


Ricky Morton has been inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame, and WWE Hall of Fame.


Ricky Morton was trained by his father, Paul, and by veteran wrestler Ken Lucas.


Ricky Morton debuted in 1978, facing Ken Wayne in his debut match.


Ricky Morton wrestled primarily for the Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis, Tennessee, often teaming with Lucas or Eddie Gilbert.


Ricky Morton was the one that always suffered a humiliation or "injury" to further the storyline the team would be involved in.


In 1984, Ricky Morton took part in a high-profile angle with Randy Savage which saw Savage piledrive him through a table at ringside.


Ricky Morton formed a tag team with Eddie Gilbert, winning the NWA Tri-State Tag Team Championship twice.


At the "Superdome Extravaganza" supercard in the Louisiana Superdome in June 1986, Ricky Morton unsuccessfully challenged Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.


Ricky Morton never won the title but he proved that he was of the same caliber as Flair was in the ring.


At one point in the feud with Flair, after a six-man tag team elimination match in which Ricky Morton pinned Flair to become the winner, Flair and the other three Four Horsemen invaded the Rock 'n' Roll Express' dressing room and attacked Ricky Morton, rubbing his face on the concrete floor, causing a grotesque-looking facial injury.


Horsemen member Arn Anderson would make fun of Ricky Morton, calling him "Punky Ricky Morton," which was a play on the popular 1980s sitcom Punky Brewster.


The term used to belittle Ricky Morton backfired when fans began to use it as a term of endearment.


Ricky Morton came out in the middle of the match and blindly tagged Gibson and courageously tried to wrestle but the Horsemen soon took advantage and Gibson gave up the match to save Ricky Morton more pain.


Later that year he teamed with his cousin, Todd Ricky Morton and won the CWA Tag team titles.


Gibson injured his knee and Ricky Morton teamed with Big Josh and Junkyard Dog to win the WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.


On June 12,1991, at Clash of the Champions XV, Ricky Morton was in the ring to accept an invitation by Alexandra York to join her York Foundation.


Gibson appeared and said he was healthy and ready to go and to everybody's shock, Ricky Morton turned on Gibson and beat him down before leaving with York, Mr Hughes and Terrence Taylor.


Ricky Morton changed his name to Richard Morton and they soon added Tommy Rich, who became Thomas Rich.


In October 1991 at Halloween Havoc, Ricky Morton lost to Flyin' Brian in a bout for the newly created WCW Light Heavyweight Championship.


Ricky Morton made his last WCW TV appearance in a match against Barry Windham on July 18,1992.


At the FMW 7th Anniversary Show in Kawasaki Stadium, Morton, Gibson and Ricky Fuji defeated Boogie Man, Crypt Keeper, and Freddy Krueger in a six-man tag team bout.


Ricky Morton returned for a second tour with FMW in April 1997, participating in the "Fighting Creation" tournament as part of a three-man team with Fuji and Hayabusa.


Ricky Morton returned once more in August 1997, teaming with Fuji in the "Super Dynamism" tournament.


Ricky Morton debuted in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling at ECW House Party 1997 on January 11,1997.


Ricky Morton teamed with Tommy Rich in a loss to The Gangstas; following the bout, Morton and Rich faced one another in an impromptu match that was won by Rich.


Ricky Morton returned to ECW the following month at Crossing the Line Again, losing to Big Stevie Cool.


Since leaving TNA, Ricky Morton wrestles all over the independent circuit in the Southeast and on the East Coast and often wins regional titles.


On March 31,2007 in Logan, West Virginia, Ricky Morton defeated Bobby Eaton in an NWA Legends Match during ASW's Rumble In The Jungle show.


On January 4,2014, Ricky Morton defeated Chase Owens to win the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.


In 2014, Ricky Morton opened a wrestling school in Chuckey, Tennessee.


Ricky Morton made his WWE video game debut as DLC for WWE 2K18 along with Robert Gibson.


Ricky Morton was arrested in October 2005 for failing to pay child support.


Ricky Morton contended that the outstanding payments were due to the child support amount having been set when he was earning a significant income working for major promotions as a part of The Rock N' Roll Express, and failed to reflect the much lower amount he was able to earn on the independent circuit.


On February 15,2006, Ricky Morton was released under the condition that he continue working and making efforts to catch up on the delinquent payments owed to his ex-wife.


Ricky Morton returned to the ring the next night for the United Wrestling Association.


In September 2007, while camping with his children at a Tennessee park, Ricky Morton was rearrested on the same charges.


Ricky Morton currently operates School of Ricky Morton in Chuckey, Tennessee, where he lends his ring experience to all his students.