85 Facts About Rio Ferdinand

1. Rio Ferdinand finished the video with his view from the stands inside the stadium.

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2. Rio Ferdinand was in good company when it came to celebrities descending on Atlanta to watch the Patriots take on the Rams.

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3. Rio Ferdinand says the Anfield crowd was anxious as well as the players.

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4. Rio Ferdinand was answering questions from fans on his Twitter account and said if he could sign anyone for the Old Trafford club it would be the Liverpool man.

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5. Rio Ferdinand has named Virgil Van Dijk as the player he would most like to see sign for Manchester United.

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6. Rio Ferdinand recently revealed what he would say to Rebecca if he had one more moment with her.

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7. Rio Ferdinand was left devastated when his beloved wife Rebecca passed away in 2015, aged just 34.

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8. Rio Ferdinand turned to the help of nutrigenetics, an increasingly popular— but controversial— new science that aims to read your DNA and tell you how to optimise your diet and exercise.

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9. Rio Ferdinand might not look like somebody who ever needed to worry about his fitness.

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10. Rio Ferdinand might be set to marry love of her life Rio Ferdinand Ferdinand, but Kate Wright has recently shared some cryptic messages on social about 'toxic' people.

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11. Rio Ferdinand wrote on Twitter: "Welbeck is a top signing for arsenal.

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12. In 2008, Rio Ferdinand filmed a documentary about Peckham, aiming to persuade youngsters away from a life of crime.

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13. Rio Ferdinand made his first foray into the world of cinema in late 2008, financing and becoming an executive producer of Alex de Rakoff's film Dead Man Running.

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14. Rio Ferdinand was sponsored by sportswear company Nike and appeared in Nike commercials.

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15. In March 2015 it was announced that Rio Ferdinand would be the new face of online casino Casino Floor.

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16. In October 2014, Rio Ferdinand was again charged by the FA for using offensive language on Twitter, after referring to the mother of a critic as a "sket", a Jamaican slang word for a promiscuous female.

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17. Rio Ferdinand detailed his upbringing and outlook in his 2007 autobiography, Rio: My Story.

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18. In September 2017, Rio Ferdinand announced that he was launching a career to become a professional boxer.

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19. In May 2013, Rio Ferdinand announced his retirement from international football, saying that "it's the right time to make room for young players and focus on the club career".

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20. On 5 February 2010, Rio Ferdinand replaced John Terry as captain of England.

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21. On 25 March 2008, it was announced that Rio Ferdinand would wear the captain's armband for Fabio Capello's second game in charge of the national team, ahead of John Terry, Steven Gerrard or David Beckham, who some believed would be named captain to mark his 100th cap for his country.

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22. Rio Ferdinand was selected as one of England's two first-choice centre backs at the 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cups, wearing the number 5 shirt.

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23. Rio Ferdinand would have made an even earlier debut in September had he not been charged with drink-driving in the buildup to England's 1998 World Cup qualifier against Moldova.

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24. Rio Ferdinand was capped 81 times for England, making him England's second most capped black player behind Ashley Cole with 107.

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25. On 30 May 2015, Rio Ferdinand announced his retirement from professional football, three days after leaving QPR.

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26. Rio Ferdinand made only 12 appearances for QPR in his only season with the club.

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27. In October 2014, Rio Ferdinand confirmed in an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show that he would retire at the end of the season, saying "I'm not fearful of retirement, I'm looking forward to it, I can see some good stuff hopefully happening ahead".

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28. Rio Ferdinand was not offered an extension when that contract expired, and agreed to leave Manchester United on 12 May 2014.

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29. Rio Ferdinand captained the side and played the full 90 minutes in a goalless draw.

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30. Rio Ferdinand accepted the trophy together with Ryan Giggs, as Giggs was the on field captain for most of the matches during that season during Gary Neville's absence due to injury.

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31. Rio Ferdinand said he had apologised and sent the steward some flowers.

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32. Rio Ferdinand would play the full 90 minutes, though he received three stitches at half-time.

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33. On 6 April 2008, against Middlesbrough, Rio Ferdinand limped out of the match due to a foot injury.

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34. Rio Ferdinand collected a winner's medal in the 2006 League Cup, with runners-up medals in the 2003 League Cup and the 2005 FA Cup.

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35. Rio Ferdinand played 10 games for Bournemouth before returning to West Ham in January 1997.

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36. Rio Ferdinand signed his first Youth Training Scheme contract in January 1994 and played alongside players such as Frank Lampard at the academy.

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37. Rio Ferdinand chose to attend Blackheath Bluecoat School to make new friends and settled in well, feeling his confidence growing.

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38. Rio Ferdinand is the son of an Irish mother, Janice Lavender, and a Saint Lucian father, Julian Ferdinand.

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39. Rio Ferdinand was born at King's College Hospital in Camberwell and grew up in Peckham.

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40. Rio Ferdinand announced his retirement from professional football on 30 May 2015.

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41. Rio Ferdinand won the Premier League, his first major club honour, in a successful first season at the club.

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42. Rio Ferdinand spent two seasons at the club, becoming the team captain in 2001.

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43. Rio Ferdinand earned his first senior international cap in a match against Cameroon in 1997, setting a record as the youngest defender to play for England at the time.

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44. Rio Ferdinand began his football career playing for various youth teams, finally settling at West Ham United where he progressed through the youth ranks and made his professional Premier League debut in 1996.

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45. Rio Ferdinand played 81 times for the England national team between 1997 and 2011, and was a member of three FIFA World Cup squads.

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46. Rio Ferdinand has confirmed that he is retiring from professional football.

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47. Rio Ferdinand announces his retirement from professional football after 18 years.

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48. Rio Ferdinand jokes about 'pooing in the woods' as he goes horse-riding with Kate Wright and the kids.

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49. Rio Ferdinand celebrated his 40th birthday in style this weekend thanks to his fiancee Kate Wright.

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50. Rio Ferdinand shows off his dance moves as he celebrates 40th birthday with fiance Kate Wright.

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51. Rio Ferdinand was talking on the live BT Sport coverage of the Spurs clash v PSV on Tuesday night.

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52. Rio Ferdinand said that Harry Kane is an 'out-and-out' goalscorer, who doesn't care if people think he's playing badly.

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53. Rio Ferdinand reacts to Paulo Gazzaniga's display in Spurs win.

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54. Rio Ferdinand comments on Dele Alli's impossible task for Tottenham.

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55. Rio Ferdinand delivered his praise in a Twitter message to de Gea, ahead of Man United's mouth-watering clash with Juventus in the Champions.

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56. Rio Ferdinand shares an interesting stat about Jurgen Klopp's record at Liverpool.

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57. Rio Ferdinand has been particularly impressed with the central defensive partnership of Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez—but then, who hasn't.

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58. Rio Ferdinand names Manchester United's best player in thrilling Juventus win.

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59. Rio Ferdinand claims Romelu Lukaku is having a negative impact on two Manchester United stars.

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60. Rio Ferdinand gives Liverpool fan the middle finger in hilarious selfie after being asked to take a photo of supporter and his son at the Emirates.

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61. Rio Ferdinand believes Romelu Lukaku's performances have been affecting two Manchester United stars.

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62. Rio Ferdinand is 'feeling the love' after Kate Wright engagement as he shares sweet message to fans.

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63. Rio Ferdinand had been seen for the first time since proposing to now-fiancee Kate Wright, as he got back to football-dad duties over the weekend.

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64. Rio Ferdinand gets back to football-dad duty after proposing to Kate Wright.

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65. Rio Ferdinand has taken to Instagram to thank fans for the huge outpouring of support he's had since his engagement to Kate Wright.

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66. Rio Ferdinand gets emotional at son's tribute after Kate Wright engagement.

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67. Rio Ferdinand delighted fans as he and girlfriend Kate Wright announced their engagement on Thursday, as he popped the question in Abu Dhabi surrounded by his three children.

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68. Rio Ferdinand was left emotional over his son Lorenz's reaction to his engagement to Kate Wright.

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69. Rio Ferdinand must have nerves of steel after taking a ride on the world's fastest rollercoaster hours after proposing to Kate Wright.

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70. Rio Ferdinand was overcome with emotion after his son publicly voiced his pride at his dad's proposal to Kate Wright.

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71. Rio Ferdinand engaged to girlfriend Kate Wright—what a proposal!.

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72. Rio Ferdinand revealed his three children knew all about his shock proposal to former TOWIE star Kate Wright as he made sure the special moment was very much a family affair.

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73. Rio Ferdinand proposes to reality TV star girlfriend who helped him cope with death of first wife.

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74. Rio Ferdinand has gushed over Trent Alexander-Arnold on BT Sport and insisted he is so "talented" he could end up in midfield.

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75. Rio Ferdinand answers whether he thinks David de Gea is replaceable for Man United.

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76. Rio Ferdinand will share production credits with England teammate Ashley Cole.

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77. In September 1997, Rio Ferdinand was convicted of drink-driving and given a one-year driving ban.

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78. Rio Ferdinand was fined £25,000 for the offence and banned from playing for three games.

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79. Rio Ferdinand is regarded as one of the best defenders of his generation, and as one of England's best ever centrebacks.

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80. At the age of 19 years and 8 days, Rio Ferdinand earned his first full England cap as a substitute in a friendly against Cameroon on 15 November 1997, making him the youngest defender to play for England at the time.

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81. On 17 July 2014, Rio Ferdinand signed for newly promoted Premier League club Queens Park Rangers on a one-year contract.

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82. Rio Ferdinand was taken off after 45 minutes along with defensive partner Nemanja Vidic and replaced by Jonny Evans and Phil Jones respectively.

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83. Rio Ferdinand claimed to have merely brushed her with his foot.

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84. Rio Ferdinand went on to win the Premier League title with Manchester United in his first season at the club.

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85. Rio Ferdinand was born at King's College Hospital in Camberwell, but grew up in Peckham.

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