28 Facts About Rolling Stones


Billboard magazine and Rolling Stones Stone have ranked the band as one of the greatest of all time.

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On 1 January 1964, the Rolling Stones' were the first band to play on the BBC's Top of the Pops, performing "I Wanna Be Your Man".

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The Rolling Stones' first US tour in June 1964 was "a disaster" according to Wyman.

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The Rolling Stones moved to the South of France, where Richards rented the Villa Nellcote and sublet rooms to band members and their entourage.

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The films Cocksucker Blues and Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones (released in 1974) document the subsequent highly publicised 1972 North American Tour.

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Wood officially joined the Rolling Stones in 1975 for their upcoming Tour of the Americas, which was a contributing factor in the disbandment of Faces.

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The Rolling Stones played a private tribute concert for him at London's 100 Club in February 1986.

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In early 1989, the Rolling Stones, including Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood as well as Brian Jones and Ian Stewart, were inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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The album included "Continental Drift", which the Rolling Stones recorded in Tangier, Morocco in 1989 with the Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar, coordinated by Tony King and Cherie Nutting.

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On 8 September 1994, the Rolling Stones performed their new song "Love Is Strong" and "Start Me Up" at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

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In 1999, the Rolling Stones staged the No Security Tour in the US and continued the Bridges to Babylon tour in Europe.

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In 2002, the Rolling Stones released Forty Licks, a greatest hits double album, to mark forty years as a band.

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The Rolling Stones headlined the Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto concert in Toronto, Canada, to help the city—which they had used for rehearsals since the Voodoo Lounge tour—recover from the 2003 SARS epidemic; an estimated 490, 000 people attended the concert.

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In November 2004, the Rolling Stones were among the inaugural inductees into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

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The Rolling Stones returned to North America for concerts in September 2006, and returned to Europe on 5 June 2007.

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In July 2008 the Rolling Stones left EMI to sign with Vivendi's Universal Music, taking with them their catalogue stretching back to Sticky Fingers.

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In July 2017, the Toronto Sun reported that the Rolling Stones were getting ready to record their first album of original material in more than a decade, but as of 2021 it had not been released and was further delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In November 2018, the Rolling Stones announced plans to bring the No Filter Tour to US stadiums in 2019, with 13 shows set to run from April to June.

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On 23 April, Jagger announced through his Facebook page the release of the single "Living in a Ghost Town", a new Rolling Stones song recorded in London and Los Angeles in 2019 and finished in isolation (part of the new material that the band were recording in the studio before the COVID-19 lockdown), a song that the band "thought would resonate through the times we're living in" and their first original one since 2012.

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The song reached number one on the German Singles Chart, the first time the Rolling Stones had reached the top spot in 52 years, and making them the oldest artists ever to do so.

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On 11 September 2020, the album topped the UK Albums Chart as the Rolling Stones became the first band to top the chart across six different decades.

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Over time, Jagger has developed into the template for rock frontmen and, with the help of the Rolling Stones, has, in the words of the Telegraph, "changed music" through his contributions to it as a pioneer of the modern music industry.

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The Rolling Stones contributed to the blues lexicon, creating their own "codewords" and slang, such as "losing streak" for menstrual period, which they have used throughout their catalogue of songs.

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The Rolling Stones have inspired and mentored new generations of musical artists both as a band and individually.

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The Rolling Stones have made more money than U2, or Springsteen, or Michael Jackson, or Britney Spears, or the Who–or whoever.

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The Rolling Stones have lived and died and been reborn again and again.

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The Rolling Stones have reinvented themselves so many times that they might as well be immortal.

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The new family was named in honour of the Rolling Stones, derived from the Greek "petra" that stands for "stone".

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