17 Facts About Sasha Bordeaux


Sasha Bordeaux is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Sasha Bordeaux first appears as a young martial artist who is hired as Bruce Wayne's bodyguard by WayneCorp's second-in-command, Lucius Fox, albeit against Wayne's wishes.

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Sasha Bordeaux eventually becomes suspicious of his constant late-night disappearances, does some searching, and is shocked to find that Bruce Wayne is secretly Batman.

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One night while Batman and Bordeaux are out on patrol, the assassin David Cain lures Wayne's ex-girlfriend Vesper Fairchild to Wayne Manor and kills her, framing Wayne in the process.

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Sasha Bordeaux, though feeling the same way, realizes that her new life would prevent them from being together and tells him to let her go.

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Sasha Bordeaux feigns loyalty to stay alive, but breaks the pretense when Lord kills his former ally Blue Beetle and orders Sasha Bordeaux to dispose of his corpse.

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Sasha Bordeaux retains most of her human features, although her skin now resembles a metallic coating and one of her eye sockets is empty.

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Sasha Bordeaux retains her free will; unlike the other OMACs, she is not under Brother I's control.

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Sasha Bordeaux then creates a computer virus and hooks herself up to the Brother Eye satellite.

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Sasha Bordeaux resists the machine's brainwashing long enough to blow it up.

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Sasha Bordeaux survives the blast, albeit at the cost of the majority of her OMAC shell.

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One year after Infinite Crisis, Sasha Bordeaux becomes the "Black Queen" of the Checkmate organization.

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Sasha Bordeaux is in conflict with several of her Checkmate colleagues, particularly Fire and Mister Terrific, with whom she is romantically involved.

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When Sasha Bordeaux is infected by the Anti-Life Formula, the OMAC nanites in her body put her in a coma to prevent the spread of the infection.

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Sasha Bordeaux is revealed to be linked to an evil artificial intelligence which is monitoring her and attempting to manipulate Wonder Woman from afar.

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Sasha Bordeaux is skilled enough that Batman allows her to serve as a sidekick of sorts.

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Sasha Bordeaux has the ability to turn her nanorobotic components on and off at will.

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