27 Facts About Saturnyne


Opal Luna Saturnyne is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Saturnyne later had a recurring role in the pages of Excalibur.

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Saturnyne is a highly intelligent and ambitious woman and ends up on Otherworld as the Omniversal Majestrix.

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Saturnyne feels no moral or ethical conflict in sacrificing anybody, even an entire universe, if it means the preservation of the Omniverse.

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Saturnyne is assisted by Dimples, an overweight man who loves Saturnyne deeply.

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Saturnyne herself cares little for Dimples and sees him only as a useful servant.

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Saturnyne first came into contact with Brian Braddock, known as Captain Britain, on the alternate Earth known as the Crooked World.

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Captain Britain and Saturnyne want to stop him, but are stopped by the Fury, a killer machine.

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Saturnyne flees with her Avant Guard, leaving a heartbroken Dimples, Captain Britain and his sidekick Jackdaw behind.

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Dimensional Development Court arrest Saturnyne and replace her with a man called Mandragon, who destroys the Earth 238 universe to prevent the Jaspers Warp from spreading.

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Saturnyne manages to obtain cell samples of Jaspers and threatens to unleash a clone on Mandragon's world if he does not return her former position to her.

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Saturnyne later meets Phoenix in person, but does not capture her.

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Saturnyne delivers a message from Roma asking the other Captain Britains to free Excalibur's Captain Britain.

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Later events reveal that Saturnyne was acting under Roma's orders when she originally sent the Technet against Phoenix, and that the Technet was meant to fail, resulting in the formation of Excalibur.

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Saturnyne remains Roma's servant and Omniversal Majestrix for the following years until the villain Mastermind destroys the Captain Britain Corps and imprisons Roma before being defeated by Captain Britain.

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Saturnyne is summoned by Roma when the annihilistic cosmic entity Abraxas tries to destroy creation.

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Ultimately, Saturnyne is forced to confront the growing threat of the Incursions when the destruction of the various universes leads to the deaths of many members of the Captain Britain Corps.

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Saturnyne captures a Map Maker and attempts to use it to determine the cause of the Incursions.

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Saturnyne's last act is to place the secrets of the Starlight Citadel into the 616 Captain Britain's brain so that he can warn the Illuminati.

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Davis has explained that Saturnyne "enjoys power, and she's a bit of an ice princess, which is why she's silver and blue, with a cold appearance".

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Later she was murdered and impersonated by her multiversal counterpart Sat-Yr-9, a twisted version of Saturnyne; it has remained ambiguous whether Courtney has actually returned at all since her death or been Sat-Yr-9 all along.

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Saturnyne later found out about his secret life, but the two remained lovers.

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Saturnyne had become a successful city banker nicknamed The Ice Queen.

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Saturnyne kills her subjects, leading Roma to send Captain UK on a mission to overthrow and imprison her.

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Saturnyne is then shown sacrificing herself to save Captain Britain from an attack by the Omega Sentinel.

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Saturnyne tries to convince Captain Britain that she is the real Courtney Ross, although he is still unconvinced.

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Saturnyne is described by Brian Braddock as an "older and kinder" version of Saturnyne.

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