48 Facts About Brian Braddock


Brian Braddock is a fictional superhero appearing in British and American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Brian Braddock is the first character in publication to use the Captain Britain moniker, later adopting the title Captain Avalon.

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Davis noted that his depiction of Brian Braddock was visually based on Garth, "an exaggerated Greek god, perfect in every way" and that:.

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In 2008, using the Secret Invasion crossover storyline as a launchpad, Brian Braddock was featured as the protagonist of Captain Britain and MI: 13, written by Paul Cornell, which included some characters from New Excalibur, as well as members of MI: 13 who appeared in Cornell's Wisdom limited series.

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Brian Braddock is offered a choice: the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might.

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Brian Braddock tried to keep his studies going and court fellow student Courtney Ross while working as a superhero, and was viewed as a coward by others because he always vanished whenever trouble started.

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Synne turned out to be the patsy of the sentient computer Mastermind, a device Brian Braddock's father had created; it was then Brian Braddock learned that his parents did not die in an accident but had been deliberately killed by the machine.

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Brian Braddock was responsible for both saving Prime Minister Jim Callaghan from the Red Skull and from stopping the Skull's germ bomb from killing London.

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Brian Braddock stopped after, when drunk and embarrassed by a defeat, he beat a supervillain so badly she was put in hospital; ashamed, Brian paid for her hospital bills and therapy.

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Brian Braddock was eventually called to Merlyn's service again, fighting alongside the Black Knight and the elf Jackdaw to defend Otherworld from Necromon.

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At the entrance to Otherworld, Brian Braddock was slain by the spectral White Rider, and his corpse claimed by Mandrac: Nethergod Lord of the Slain and the Rider's master, though Merlyn and the Knight swiftly recovered it.

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Brian Braddock is drafted by the mercenary group the Special Executive to save Saturnyne from a show trial, during which he witnessed the destruction of Earth-238's reality to prevent the Jaspers' Warp there from spreading out across the multiverse.

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Brian Braddock encountered members of the pan-dimensional Captain Britain Corps, an organization of Captain Britains from various dimensions.

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However, he and his assembled allies were unable to prevent Earth-616's Jim Jaspers from expanding his influence over Earth, and though Brian Braddock fought bravely it fell to the Fury to kill the villain - Roma is of the opinion Merlyn intended all along for Brian Braddock to lead the Fury to Earth-616 to do this, but this was unconfirmed.

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Brian Braddock is captured by Modred the Mystic, and teams with Captain America to defeat Modred.

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Brian Braddock manages in the role for a while, but unfortunately she proves no match for Slaymaster, who tears out her eyes.

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Brian Braddock clashed with old foes Arcade, and the Crazy Gang, and was caused to temporarily switch bodies with the Crazy Gang's Tweedledope.

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Brian Braddock encountered and fought his other-dimensional Nazi counterpart Hauptmann Englande.

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Brian Braddock then journeyed with Thor into a dimension ruled by Juggernaut.

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Brian Braddock removes the "blunder factor" she had secretly cast over him.

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Brian Braddock is flooded with memories of the far future and remains disconnected from the real world.

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Brian Braddock calls himself "Britanic" for some time, but eventually re-acclimates himself to his old life.

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Brian Braddock has a prophetic vision concerning the London Branch of the Hellfire Club's plan to take over the United Kingdom.

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Brian Braddock then confronts Roma, who is revealed to be his father's sentient and insane computer Mastermind.

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Le Fay hopes that by killing Brian Braddock and severing his mystical ties to the land, she will destroy all of Great Britain.

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However, Brian Braddock appears to Kelsey Leigh, a British mother who dies protecting both her children and Captain America from the Wrecking Crew.

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Brian Braddock offers her the choice between the Amulet and the Sword and, feeling that she could better defend her children with a weapon, she chooses the latter.

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Brian Braddock assisted Pete Wisdom and British intelligence agency MI-13 in their battle against a Martian invasion.

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Brian Braddock is left uncomfortable by having to kill Skrulls and being separated from the Corps, and simply desires to represent his country.

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Brian Braddock has increased powers and theoretically has no limits, but this is reliant on his level of confidence - he can just as easily become weak and vulnerable.

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Brian Braddock got free and defeated Plokta by forcing him into his own Corridor, but was left unaware that the real Meggan had tried to make contact and was now stuck in Hell.

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Brian Braddock then disappeared from view to fight a war in Otherworld against the demonic Goat, who had attempted to subjugate the multiverse.

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Brian Braddock's brother Jamie, now cured of madness, was a key ally and Brian tried to cajole Betsy into joining as well.

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Brian Braddock was left bitter by the loss and estranged from his sister.

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Brian Braddock left when the team disbanded after a battle with a race of robotic beings known as the Descendants.

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Brian Braddock is later seen as the head of the Braddock Academy, running it alongside Meggan, Spitfire, Union Jack, and Elsa Bloodstone.

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Brian Braddock is shown to be missing one of his eyes and states that he is the last surviving member of the Captain Britain Corps with the other members having all perished due to the collapse of the Multiverse.

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Brian Braddock later represented the government of the United Kingdom when he attended Black Panther's meeting in the Eden Room of Avengers Mountain.

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Out of fear of what could happen, since the sword is capable of great good in the right hands, but it could prove to be a dangerous weapon if Brian Braddock improperly unleashed on the world, he briefly gave the Sword of Might over to his sister for safe-keeping.

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Brian Braddock receives a new costume, with a white, gold, and black color scheme topped with a mask prescient of the one he wore as Captain Britain.

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Brian Braddock stands as a new champion for Krakoa, even if he is not a mutant, and is last seen joining the circle of champions with their blades drawn after helping Betsy make off with the newly-forged Starlight Sword.

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When Brian Braddock rubbed the amulet he was transformed from an ordinary mortal into a superhero version of himself, complete with a more muscular physique.

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Brian Braddock possessed a telescoping staff to vault which had other functions, the most heavily relied upon being the ability to project a force field.

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Brian Braddock has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, senses, and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds.

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Brian Braddock is one of the members of the Human High Council, alongside Moira Trask, Bolivar Trask, Emma Frost, and Mariko Yashida.

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However, it is revealed that Brian Braddock had in fact become a victim of a mind control device that forced him to act as a mole for Donald Pierce and his Reavers, and died at Pierce's hands when he overcomes his influence and refuses to kill Emma Frost.

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Brian Braddock briefly appears in Marvel Zombies vs The Army of Darkness, having been zombified by the world-racing newly infected Quicksilver.

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Brian Braddock survived the attack at the Houses of Parliament, although he succumbed to the cancer caused by using one of the first versions of the Captain Britain suit, and his brother James took the mantle of Captain Britain.

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