10 Facts About Sayyid


Sayyid is an honorific title denoting people accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through his grandsons, Hasan ibn Ali and Husayn ibn Ali, sons of Muhammad's daughter Fatima and his cousin and son-in-law Ali.

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Shia Sayyid scholars wear black turbans, while non-Sayyid Shia scholars wear other colors.

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Sayyid migrated to Harar first, then settled in the southern part of Omnan which is a part of Silte.

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In Oman, Sayyid is used by members of the Al Said ruling royal family.

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Sayyid was a Baquari Syed who drew his lineage from Muhammad al Baqir.

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Notable Sufi that belonged to a Sayyid family was Syed Salar Masud, from whom many of the Sayyid families of Awadh claim their lineage.

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Sayyid was the direct descendant of Zayd ibn Ali who was the grandson of Husayn ibn Ali and therefore his descendants are called HusseiniSadaat.

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Sayyid's descendants are mostly settled in Bihar Sharif, Munger, Sheikhpura and Jamui region of Bihar.

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In Gujarat, most of the Sayyid families are descended from individuals invited by the Muslim rulers of Gujarat to serve as advisers and administrators, and were granted jagirs.

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However, in 1632 when an Ottoman court challenged a man wearing a Sayyid green turban, he established that he was a Sayyid on his mother's side, which was accepted by the court.

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