12 Facts About Scott Sassa


Scott M Sassa is an American entertainment executive who has held a number of high-level executive positions in large entertainment companies.

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Early in his career, Sassa was vice president of New Business Development at Ohlmeyer Communications Co.

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Scott Sassa served as vice president of network management for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

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Scott Sassa was among the first people hired by Fox and he ran its operations and administration departments.

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Scott Sassa spent nine years at Turner Broadcasting System, finishing his tenure as president of Turner Entertainment Group and a member of Turner's board of directors and TBS's executive committee.

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Scott Sassa joined Turner Broadcasting in 1982, first as director of Sales promotion, then executive producer of Night Tracks in 1983 which led to him becoming vice president and general manager of the company's Cable Music Channel in 1984.

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Scott Sassa is credited with building Turner's entertainment cable channels into industry leaders, launching seven networks over a seven-year period – including 3 of the top 5 rated basic cable networks.

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Scott Sassa was responsible for Turner Home Video, Turner Licensing and Merchandising, Turner Publishing, Turner New Media, Turner Original Productions and Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc Scott Sassa was named executive vice president of Turner Network Television in 1988, where he was instrumental in the network's launch, the largest at that time.

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Scott Sassa joined NBC in September 1997 as president of the NBC Television Stations division.

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From May 1999, Scott Sassa served as president of NBC West Coast, responsible for overseeing all of NBC's entertainment-related businesses and reported to Bob Wright, chairman and chief executive officer, NBC.

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Scott Sassa made the transition to that position after working with his predecessor, Don Ohlmeyer, and serving as president of NBC Entertainment since October 1998.

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From 2004 to 2005, Scott Sassa served as president and CEO of Friendster, a top 50 Internet site that pioneered social networking.

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