16 Facts About Seattle Cascades


The Seattle Cascades announced the team would fold following the 1978 season.

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Seattle Cascades were founded as WTT's charter franchise for San Diego, California in 1973, by orthodontist Dr Leonard Bloom.

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The Seattle Cascades traded his rights to the Los Angeles Strings who gave him a six-year contract worth $1.

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The Seattle Cascades selected Evonne Goolagong Cawley in the dispersal draft held after the Pittsburgh Triangles folded.

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The Seattle Cascades did have success signing Betty Stove whom the team had selected in the draft, after she was left unprotected by the San Francisco Golden Gaters.

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In February 1977, former Leis player Marcie Louie filed a lawsuit against the Seattle Cascades claiming breach of contract, libel, slander and invasion of privacy.

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Seattle Cascades did return after the break to win the WTT Female All-Star Match Most Valuable Player Award.

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Seattle Cascades finished the 1977 season with 18 wins and 26 losses, fourth place in the Western Division and secured the first playoff berth in franchise history.

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Two days later, the Seattle Cascades hosted the second match at Pamplin Sports Center in Portland.

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In late 1977, the Seattle Cascades announced that John DeVries had been named the team's executive director.

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Seattle Cascades signed Sherwood Stewart, Marita Redondo, and Chris Kachel during the off-season.

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Seattle Cascades were involved in a noteworthy incident during a home match against the New York Apples.

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Seattle Cascades needed to be restrained by the umpire, Brian Howell, and his linesman.

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Seattle Cascades finished the 1978 season with the best record in franchise history at 20 wins and 24 losses, fourth in the Western Division.

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Seattle Cascades then lost to the Boston Lobsters in the WTT Semifinals.

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In 1978, the Seattle Cascades played one home match in Portland, one in Corvallis, Oregon and one in Boise, Idaho.

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