76 Facts About Shoma Uno


Shoma Uno is the historic record-holder for the highest score by a junior in the short program.


Shoma Uno was born on 17 December 1997, in Nagoya, Japan.


Shoma Uno was born prematurely, weighing only 900 grams and fitting in the palm of his father's hand.


Shoma Uno started skating when he was five because of Mao Asada, who talked to him at a skating rink.


Shoma Uno finished 10th at the 2012 World Junior Championships.


Shoma Uno was invited to skate in the gala at the 2012 World Team Trophy as the silver medalist in Winter Youth Olympics.


Shoma Uno finished 6th at his Junior Grand Prix in Slovenia.


Shoma Uno finished 7th at the 2013 World Junior Championships.


Shoma Uno competed in his third JGP season, winning the bronze medal in Riga, Latvia, and placing 4th in Tallinn, Estonia.


Shoma Uno placed 5th at the 2014 World Junior Championships and won his first international senior competition at the 2014 Gardena Spring Trophy.


Shoma Uno began his season by winning his second senior international competition at the 2014 Asian Trophy.


Shoma Uno was assigned to the JGP events in Japan and Croatia.


Shoma Uno placed second in Japan and first in Croatia with new personal best scores and qualified for his first JGP Final.


Shoma Uno made his senior ISU Championship debut at the 2015 Four Continents; he placed second in the short program, fifth in the free skate, and fifth overall, setting personal best scores in all segments.


Shoma Uno ended his season by winning the 2015 World Junior Championships, winning the short program with a junior world record score of 84.87, and placing second in the free skate.


Shoma Uno became the fifth Japanese man to win the junior world title.


Shoma Uno started his season with a 5th-place finish at the 2015 US Classic, placing 9th in the short program but winning the free skate.


Shoma Uno then went on to win the individual event of the 2015 Japan Open, defeating World champions Javier Fernandez, Brian Joubert and Patrick Chan.


Shoma Uno was awarded the bronze medal in Spain behind Yuzuru Hanyu and Fernandez.


At the 2016 Team Challenge Cup, Shoma Uno became the first skater ever to land a quadruple flip at an international competition.


Shoma Uno landed two quads in his short program, 4F and 4T-3T combination, and scored a personal best of 105.74 points.


In December 2016, Shoma Uno was fourth in the short program with 86.82 points after falling on his quadruple toe loop and failing the combination in the Grand Prix Final.


Shoma Uno rallied back in the free skate with a personal best of 195.69 points and placed second in that segment.


Shoma Uno placed third overall and won the bronze medal for the second consecutive year, just 0.34 points behind silver medalist Nathan Chen and 11.39 points behind gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu.


Shoma Uno placed 2nd in the short program, 3rd in the free skate and won the bronze medal with a score of 288.05 behind Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu.


Shoma Uno won the short program with 103.53 points and placed second behind teammate Yuzuru Hanyu in the free skate with 198.49 points.


Shoma Uno scored a total of 302.02 points, the highest in the men's event.


Shoma Uno began his season by winning the gold medal at his challenger series event at the 2017 Lombardia Trophy in Bergamo, Italy while setting new personal bests in all segments.


Shoma Uno won the gold medal at 2017 Skate Canada, placing first in both segments to begin his Grand Prix Series for the season.


At the 2017 Japan Figure Skating Championships, Shoma Uno successfully defended his national title.


At the 2018 World Figure Skating Championships in Milan, Shoma Uno had to leave practice only after a few minutes on ice and was carried to a bus on a staff member's back.


Shoma Uno scored 94.26 in the short program, and 179.51 in the free skate, with a total score of 273.77, earning him the silver medal.


Shoma Uno started the season at the 2018 CS Lombardia Trophy, where he won the event.


At the 2018 Japan Figure Skating Championships, Shoma Uno successfully defended his national title, winning by a margin of almost 50 points.


Shoma Uno was named to the team to represent Japan at the 2019 Four Continents Championships and the 2019 World Championships.


At the 2019 Four Continents Championships, Shoma Uno came fourth in the short program, first in the free skate, and first overall.


Shoma Uno set a world record for the free skate with a score of 197.36.


At the 2019 World Championships in Saitama, Shoma Uno was sixth in the short program, fourth in the free skate, and fourth overall.


Shoma Uno concluded the season at the 2019 World Team Trophy, placing third in the short program, third in the free skate, and third overall.


On 6 June 2019, Shoma Uno announced on his website that he would no longer be coached by Machiko Yamada and Mihoko Higuchi, who had coached him since he was five years old, and that he did not yet know who his new coaches would be.


Shoma Uno announced plans to visit Stephane Lambiel's Swiss training facility in September 2019.


Shoma Uno began the season at the 2019 CS Finlandia Trophy.


Shoma Uno narrowly placed second in the short program behind countryman Sota Yamamoto but came first in the free skate to take the gold medal.


Shoma Uno spent the weeks between the Internationaux and his next assignment, the 2019 Rostelecom Cup, training with Stephane Lambiel.


Shoma Uno placed fourth in the short program, falling on an under-rotated quad flip, and described himself as "relieved" with the result.


Shoma Uno then won the free skate and the gold medal overall, his first individual victory over Hanyu in his career.


Shoma Uno then decided not to participate in the Four Continents Championships of 2020.


Shoma Uno was assigned to end the season at the World Championships in Montreal, but these were cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


Shoma Uno was assigned to compete at the 2020 Internationaux de France, but this event was cancelled due to the pandemic.


Shoma Uno was second in the free skate, his only error being tripling a planned quad toe loop, and he rose to the silver medal position overall, behind Hanyu.


At the 2021 World Championships, Shoma Uno placed sixth in the short program after a fall on his triple Axel.


Shoma Uno was announced as part of the Japanese team for the 2021 World Team Trophy.


Shoma Uno placed ninth in the short program and sixth in the free program, with Team Japan placing third overall at the competition.


Shoma Uno made his season international competitive debut at the 2021 Skate America, his first Grand Prix.


Shoma Uno placed second in the short program behind Vincent Zhou despite doubling a planned quad flip, in the process landing a quad-triple combination in competition for the first time in years.


Shoma Uno was third in the free skate but remained in the silver medal position, less than a point ahead of bronze medalist Nathan Chen, who struggled in both programs.


Zhou and Shoma Uno became the first skaters to defeat Chen in competition since the prior Olympics.


Shoma Uno won both segments of the competition to defeat Zhou by almost thirty points.


Shoma Uno landed four of his five planned quad jumps in the free skate, albeit with an imperfect landing on one, and doubled a planned quad flip.


Shoma Uno was named to his second Japanese Olympic team.


Shoma Uno began the Games as the Japanese entry in the men's short program of the Olympic team event, as he had done four years earlier.


Two days later, Shoma Uno placed third in the short program of the men's event, managing another new personal best of 105.90 despite making an error on his jump combination.


Shoma Uno concluded his season at the 2022 World Championships in Montpellier.


Shoma Uno skated a clean short program and was rewarded with a personal best score of 109.63 and first place in the segment, 3.94 points ahead of Kagiyama.


Shoma Uno made two jump errors in the free skate, but easily won that segment and the World title, becoming the third Japanese man to do so.


Eschewing the Challenger series, Shoma Uno made his season debut as part of Team Japan at the Japan Open.


Shoma Uno finished first in the men's free skate competition, 0.38 points ahead of American Ilia Malinin, while Japan won the gold medal.


Shoma Uno praised the younger Malinin, who had recently attracted considerable media attention for being the first ever to land a quad Axel, saying that he "will be devastating in a year or two" and that he hoped to be able to keep up with him.


Shoma Uno began the Grand Prix at Skate Canada International, winning his third gold medal by a margin of almost eight points over Kao Miura.


At the 2022 NHK Trophy on home ice in Sapporo, Shoma Uno fell on his attempted jump combination and placed second in the short program, behind Sota Yamamoto.


Shoma Uno rallied in the free skate, overtaking Yamamoto to win his third NHK title.


Shoma Uno won the free skate with a new personal best score, landing five quadruple jumps successfully and winning the Grand Prix Final title for the first time and completing his first Career Grand Slam.


Shoma Uno attempted five quads in the free skate, cleanly landing three, winning that segment as well and taking his fifth national title.


Shoma Uno attracted some attention afterward for criticizing the lack of transparency in the Japanese federation's criteria for awarding berths to the World Championships, interpreted by the media as a reference to Shimada not being selected despite winning the national silver medal.


Shoma Uno won the free skate as well, winning his second consecutive gold medal at the World Championships.


Shoma Uno was initially assigned to the Japanese team for the 2023 World Team Trophy, but withdrew due to his ongoing ankle problems, and was replaced by Shun Sato.