18 Facts About Singtel


Singapore Telecommunications Limited, commonly known as Singtel, is a Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate and one of the four major telcos operating in the country.

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Singtel is the largest mobile network operator in Singapore with 4.

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Singtel provides ISP, IPTV and mobile phone networks and fixed line telephony services.

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Singtel has expanded aggressively outside its home market and owns shares in many regional operators, including full ownership of Australia's second largest telco Optus and 32.

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Singtel is the second-largest company by market capitalisation listed on the Singapore Exchange and is majority owned by Temasek Holdings, the investment arm of the Singapore government.

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In January 2010, Singtel announced it had signed an agreement to join a consortium to build and operate the new SJC system .

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Singtel reported 100 mobile base stations were affected, disconnecting its mobile service subscribers in the area.

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Likewise, Singtel reported that several cables required further rectification works.

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Singtel announced compensation packages to its affected subscribers of its various services.

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Singtel had set up a Board Committee of Inquiry to investigate the fire.

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Singtel's board has accepted the BCOI's findings and would implement its recommendations.

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Singtel was later fined $6 million Singapore dollars for the fire incident, it is the largest fine for a telco company in Singapore history.

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On 14 March 2015, Xiaxue, a Singapore-based blogger, revealed on her blog instructions from Gushcloud to its network of bloggers to post complaints about the mobile services of Singtel's rivalling mobile service providers, StarHub and M1, on social media, in a marketing effort to drive subscriptions of a new mobile service plan targeted at youths by Singtel.

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Singtel terminated its employee who had worked with Gushcloud on the campaign as the employee did not adhere to Singtel's professional standards and values.

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The incident began from Singtel encountering a technical issue during its migration to a new billing system in early 2018, resulting in the personal data of 750 mobile subscribers being exposed.

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Pleo Sherwin Cubos was an assistant manager at Singtel earning around $5000 Singapore dollar income, he borrowed $500 Singapore dollars in January 2020 from an unlicensed moneylender after seeing an advertisement for illegal loans on Facebook ads.

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On 11 February 2021, Singtel issued a statement admitting the company was attacked by hackers using Zero-day attack which resulted in a data breach.

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Accellion issued its first alert of the exploits in December 2020, Singtel then applied a series of patches provided by Accellion to resolve the vulnerability.

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