26 Facts About StarHub


StarHub Limited, most commonly known as just Starhub, is a Singaporean multinational telecommunications conglomerate and one of the major telcos operating in the country.

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StarHub was awarded the license to provide fixed networks and mobile services on 23 April 1998, when the government announced that the telecommunications sector in Singapore would be completely liberalised by 2002.

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StarHub was officially launched on 1 April 2000 with ST Telemedia, Singapore Power, BT Group and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone as its major shareholders.

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On 21 January 1999, StarHub acquired internet service provider CyberWay and it became a subsidiary within the StarHub group.

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StarHub was publicly listed on the Singapore Exchange on 13 October 2004.

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On 1 May 2009, the Infocomms Development Authority of Singapore announced that StarHub's wholly owned subsidiary, Nucleus Connect, was selected as the Operating Company to design, build and operate the active infrastructure of the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network .

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On 14 July 2009, StarHub announced the retirement of long-standing chief executive Terry Clontz.

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On 7 February 2013, StarHub announced the retirement of Neil Montefiore as chief executive officer by end February 2013.

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StarHub's chief operating officer Tan Tong Hai was appointed CEO on 1 March 2013.

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On 13 July 2015, StarHub announced the retirement of Tan Guong Ching as chairman.

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Since its launch on 1 April 2000, StarHub has been Singapore's fastest growing mobile operator.

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In January 2005, StarHub announced that it would form an exclusive strategic partnership for i-mode in Singapore with NTT DoCoMo, a subsidiary of StarHub's major shareholder NTT.

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On 15 July 2009, StarHub became the first mobile operator in the Asia Pacific region to commercially launch a HSPA+ service.

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On 7 March 2013, StarHub became the first telecommunications company in Singapore to offer High Definition Voice.

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In September 2015, StarHub was ranked world's fastest 4G network by independent mobile coverage checker OpenSignal.

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On 1 December 2016, StarHub rolled out a travel data plan allowing 2GB or 3GB use over 30 days across all mobile networks in nine Asia-Pacific destinations.

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In January 2017, StarHub switched embedded SIM on its 4G network to support devices that come without a physical SIM.

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StarHub provides cable television services through its subsidiary Singapore Cable Vision Ltd.

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On 18 January 2007, StarHub introduced a commercial high definition television service.

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On 7 June 2012, StarHub launched TV Anywhere, a multi-platform service which allows subscribers to watch TV channels and on-demand content on their personal devices such as laptops and tablets.

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On 18 March 2013, StarHub started offering commercial customers StarHub TV on Fibre, its Internet Protocol television service.

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On 12 August 2015, an online streaming service called StarHub Go was launched, and TV Anywhere was merged into it.

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StarHub Internet was formed after the acquisition of internet access provider CyberWay, while StarHub Online was formed after a merger with Singapore Cable Vision.

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StarHub provides broadband internet access on the same network it uses for cable television services using cable modems based on the DOCSIS standard.

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StarHub is a founding member of the global Wireless Broadband Alliance and provides wireless broadband services at numerous locations throughout Singapore.

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In October 2012, StarHub launched two new gamer-centric broadband plans under the name MaxInfinity LVL99 for gamers to enjoy priority.

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