25 Facts About Sister Jean

1. Sister Jean is always thinking about the team and the school.

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2. Sister Jean prays that there are no injuries and blesses the fans, cheerleaders and bands.

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3. Sister Jean is the chaplain of her dorm, where she lives among 400 of Loyola's 11,000 undergrads.

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4. Sister Jean took a teaching job in 1961 at an all-women's Catholic school, Mundelein College, which neighbored Loyola.

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5. Sister Jean started as an academic advisor before moving into her current role as chaplain.

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6. Sister Jean loves filling out brackets, but is modest about her forecasting abilities.

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7. Sister Jean does not want any NCAA violations, and now only plays for bragging rights.

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8. Sister Jean explained her typical prayer in an interview with The New York Times.

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9. Sister Jean was born on July 22, 1941 in St Cloud to Edward and Nola Neeser.

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10. Sister Jean was honored by Mount Vernon City Council on Sept 25, 2000 for being a neighborhood inspiration.

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11. Sister Jean was proud to let people know that she lived in Dan Emmett's house as a child when it was located on South Mulberry Street.

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12. Sister Jean loved to see the West Virginia capital lights but always had to be awakened in order to enjoy.

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13. Sister Jean stays faithful when Loyola's Final Four run ends.

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14. Sister Jean leaves behind two beloved sisters, Virginia Jensen and Wilma Smith.

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15. Sister Jean experienced God's grace and lived her life in gratitude and celebration of the gift of His love and compassion, and with the assurance of His eternal mercy.

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16. Sister Jean was a devoted member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Gillette for 42 years.

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17. Sister Jean attended a small rural school in Cleveland Township and graduated from Chamberlain High School in 1946.

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18. Sister Jean is survived by her daughter, Jean E Spettle of Norwalk Jack Antrim in 1951 and Judge Russell Antrim in 1973; and her sister, Emily Patchen in 1998.

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19. Sister Jean is survived by her devoted children: Jean F Tanous and her husband John of Mansfield Tripp and her husband Hugh of Mansfield.

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20. Sister Jean is feeling like the big boy, like he's in charge.

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21. Sister Jean is survived by her sons, Mark Parsley and his wife, Diane, of Rockport and David Parsley and his wife, Jane, of Rockport; grandchildren.

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22. Sister Jean was born on August 7, 1926 She was preceded in death by her loving husband, Frank; her parents; and brother, Lester; and is survived by her sister, Phyllis Hay.

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23. Sister Jean moved from California to teach at Mundelein College in Chicago in 1961.

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24. Sister Jean was born on August 21, 1919 in San Francisco, California, and raised in the Eureka Valley neighborhood.

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25. Sister Jean was born Jan 24, 1933, in Mount Morris, a daughter of the late Joseph and Anna Latona.

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