31 Facts About Sonali Bendre

1. Sonali Bendre writes note for Goldie Behl on wedding anniversary: Thank you for being my strength.

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2. Sonali Bendre pens heartfelt note for her rock—'Goldie Behl' !.

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3. Sonali Bendre pens an emotional note for hubby Goldie Behl on their wedding anniversary.

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4. Sonali Bendre celebrates 16th wedding anniversary with Goldie Behl, shares heartfelt post.

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5. Sonali Bendre has became epitome of strength as she is facing a lethal cancer.

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6. Sonali Bendre posts a heartwarming note for husband Goldie Behl on their anniversary.

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7. Sonali Bendre has been inspiring people from a very long time.

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8. Sonali Bendre pens an emotional note for husband Goldie Behl on 16th wedding anniversary.

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9. Sonali Bendre is a headstrong woman and her journey is inspiring us in many ways.

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10. Sonali Bendre has got us tearing up with her recent Instagram post.

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11. Sonali Bendre pens an emotional note to hubby from hospital bed.

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12. Sonali Bendre is spending her wedding anniversary in New York City where she is taking treatment for cancer.

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13. Sonali Bendre pens emotional note for husband on wedding anniversary, says they're fighting cancer collectively.

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14. Sonali Bendre gets emotional wearing red, the colour of rebirth, to Priyanka Chopra's bridal shower.

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15. Sonali Bendre pens emotional post for Priyanka Chopra after attending bridal shower.

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16. Sonali Bendre has been putting a brave front while fighting metastatic cancer.

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17. Sonali Bendre celebrates 'unconventional' Diwali with family in New York.

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18. Sonali Bendre opens up about her eyesight being strange after Chemo.

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19. Sonali Bendre is a fighter and there are no two ways about it.

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20. Sonali Bendre celebrates Diwali in New York, shares adorable pics with son and husband.

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21. Sonali Bendre has truly been an inspiration to us in many ways.

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22. Sonali Bendre celebrates 'uncoventional' Diwali in New York as hubby and son join her.

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23. Sonali Bendre calls her Diwali unconventional as she celebrates with husband and son.

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24. In June 2012, Sonali Bendre was rumoured to quit judging India's Got Talent 4.

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25. Sonali Bendre hosted a dance show on television named Kya Masti Kya Dhoom.

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26. Sonali Bendre starred in the theatre in a play called Aap Ki Soniya.

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27. Sonali Bendre started as a model before being selected for the "Star Dust Talent Search".

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28. Sonali Bendre has authored a book, "The Modern Gurukul: My Experiments with Parenting", sharing her three principles of parenting that find a balance between traditional and modern values.

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29. Sonali Bendre has been married to director Goldie Behl since 2002, with whom she has a son.

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30. In 2001, Sonali Bendre ventured into television and has hosted the dance show Kya Masti Kya Dhoom.

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31. Sonali Bendre is an Indian film actress, model, television personality and author.

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