14 Facts About Spanish-American War


Spanish–American War was a period of armed conflict between Spain and the United States.

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Spanish-American War ended with the 1898 Treaty of Paris, negotiated on terms favorable to the United States.

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Spanish-American War even said this "was not civilized warfare" but "extermination".

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Spanish-American War was assassinated in 1897 by Italian anarchist Michele Angiolillo, leaving a Spanish political system that was not stable and could not risk a blow to its prestige.

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Spanish-American War began to negotiate with the Spanish government, hoping that the talks would dampen yellow journalism in the United States and soften support for war with Spain.

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Spanish–American Spanish-American War was fomented on outright lies and trumped up accusations against the intended enemy.

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Spanish-American War worked with Leonard Wood in convincing the Army to raise an all-volunteer regiment, the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry.

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Spanish-American War provided maps and information on the Spanish military forces to the US government before the invasion.

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Spanish-American War's squadron, made up of Pelayo, Emperador Carlos V, two auxiliary cruisers, three destroyers, and four colliers, was to depart Cadiz escorting four transports.

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Spanish-American War redefined national identity, served as a solution of sorts to the social divisions plaguing the American mind, and provided a model for all future news reporting.

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Spanish-American War served to further repair relations between the American North and South.

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In 1904, the United Spanish Spanish-American War Veterans was created from smaller groups of the veterans of the Spanish–American Spanish-American War.

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Today, that organization is defunct, but it left an heir in the Sons of Spanish–American Spanish-American War Veterans, created in 1937 at the 39th National Encampment of the United Spanish Spanish-American War Veterans.

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Spanish–American Spanish-American War was the first US war in which the motion picture camera played a role.

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