38 Facts About Spencer Tracy

1. Spencer Tracy was nominated for five British Academy Film Awards, of which he won two, and four Golden Globe Awards, winning once.

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2. Spencer Tracy was the first of nine actors to win the award twice, and is one of two actors to receive it consecutively, the other being Tom Hanks.

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3. Spencer Tracy was nominated for nine Academy Awards for Best Actor, a category record he holds with Laurence Olivier.

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4. In 2009, Spencer Tracy provided inspiration for the character Carl in Pixar's Oscar-winning film Up.

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5. Spencer Tracy continues to receive praise from film scholars: critic Leonard Maltin calls Tracy "one of the 20th century's finest actors", while film historian Jeanine Basinger describes his career as a "golden record of movie achievement".

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6. Spencer Tracy listened, he felt, he said the words without forcing anything.

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7. Spencer Tracy is interred at Glendale's Forest Lawn Memorial Park, near his wife, Louise and son, John.

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8. From September 1933 to June 1934, Spencer Tracy had a public affair with Loretta Young, his co-star in Man's Castle.

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9. Spencer Tracy was convinced that John's hearing impairment was a punishment for his own sins.

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10. Spencer Tracy met actress Louise Treadwell while they were both members of the Wood Players in White Plains, New York—the first stock company Tracy joined after graduating.

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11. Spencer Tracy completed his last scene on May 24, 1967.

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12. Spencer Tracy was in very poor health by this time, and working became a challenge.

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13. Spencer Tracy received his first Academy Award nomination in 12 years for playing the role of Stanley Banks in Father of the Bride.

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14. Spencer Tracy finished off the 1940s with Malaya, an adventure film with James Stewart, and Adam's Rib, a comedy with Tracy and Hepburn playing married lawyers who oppose each other in court.

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15. Spencer Tracy disliked the role, and told director George Cukor, "It's rather disconcerting to me to find how easily I play a heel.

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16. Spencer Tracy was absent from screens in 1946, the first year since his motion picture debut that there was no Spencer Tracy release.

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17. Spencer Tracy was tense and unbending, could not, or would not, take direction".

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18. Spencer Tracy was unhappy with the film, disliking the heavy make-up he needed to portray Hyde.

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19. Spencer Tracy signed a new contract with MGM in April 1941, which paid $5,000 a week and limited him to three pictures a year.

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20. Spencer Tracy was listed as the fifth biggest money-making star of 1938.

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21. Spencer Tracy was reunited with Gable and Loy for 1938's Test Pilot.

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22. Spencer Tracy made a total of 25 pictures in the five years he was with Fox Film Corporation, most of which lost money at the box office.

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23. Spencer Tracy was still under contract with the studio when MGM expressed their interest in the actor.

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24. Spencer Tracy completed only two more pictures with the studio.

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25. Spencer Tracy failed to report for filming on Marie Galante in June 1934, and was found in his hotel room, virtually unconscious after a two-week binge.

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26. Spencer Tracy has appeared in unpopular films, with Me and My Gal setting an all-time low attendance record for the Roxy Theatre in New York City.

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27. Spencer Tracy appeared on the stage again only once more in his life.

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28. Spencer Tracy formed an acting company with friends, which they called "The Campus Players" and took on tour.

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29. Spencer Tracy made his stage debut in June 1921, playing the male lead in The Truth.

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30. Spencer Tracy entered Ripon in February 1921, declaring his intention to major in medicine.

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31. Spencer Tracy achieved the rank of seaman second class, but never went to sea, and was discharged in February 1919.

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32. Spencer Tracy was a difficult and hyperactive child  with poor school attendance.

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33. Spencer Tracy was born on April 5, 1900, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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34. Towards the end of his life, Spencer Tracy worked almost exclusively for director Stanley Kramer.

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35. Spencer Tracy left MGM in 1955, and continued to work regularly as a freelance star, despite an increasing weariness as he aged.

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36. Spencer Tracy made three smash hit films supporting Clark Gable, the studio's principal leading man, firmly fixing the notion of Gable and Tracy as a team in the public imagination.

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37. In 1935, Spencer Tracy joined Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, at the time Hollywood's most prestigious studio.

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38. Spencer Tracy spent seven years in the theatre, working in a succession of stock companies and intermittently on Broadway.

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