29 Facts About Anthony Hopkins

1. Anthony Hopkins described his role as Sir as "the highlight of my life".

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2. In January 2012, Anthony Hopkins released an album of classical music, entitled Composer, performed by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and released on CD via the UK radio station Classic FM.

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3. Anthony Hopkins had never heard his composition, "And the Waltz Goes On", before it was premiered by Rieu's orchestra in Vienna; Rieu's album was given the same name as Hopkins' piece.

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4. Anthony Hopkins narrated episode 1 through 3 before being replaced by John Shrapnel.

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5. In 1990, Anthony Hopkins directed a film about his Welsh compatriot, poet Dylan Thomas, titled Dylan Thomas: Return Journey, which was his directing debut for the screen.

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6. Anthony Hopkins is an admirer of the Welsh comedian Tommy Cooper.

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7. Anthony Hopkins is a prominent member of environmental protection group Greenpeace and as of early 2008 featured in a television advertisement campaign, voicing concerns about Japan's continuing annual whale hunt.

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8. Anthony Hopkins is a volunteer teacher at the Ruskin School of Acting in Santa Monica, California.

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9. Anthony Hopkins has offered his support to various charities and appeals, notably becoming President of the National Trust's Snowdonia Appeal, raising funds for the preservation of Snowdonia National Park in north Wales.

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10. Anthony Hopkins has a pet cat named Niblo, which he adopted in Budapest.

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11. Anthony Hopkins gave up smoking using the Allen Carr method.

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12. Anthony Hopkins is a recovering alcoholic; he has stayed sober since he stopped drinking just after Christmas 1975.

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13. Anthony Hopkins was made a freeman of his home town, Port Talbot, in 1996.

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14. Anthony Hopkins was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1987, and was knighted as a Knight Bachelor at Buckingham Palace in 1993 for services to the arts.

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15. Anthony Hopkins said, "It's very difficult for an actor to avoid, you want to show a bit.

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16. Anthony Hopkins is a gifted mimic, adept at turning his native Welsh accent into whatever is required by a character.

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17. Anthony Hopkins had come back to Britain after living for a number of years in Hollywood, having all but given up on a career there, saying, "Well that part of my life's over; it's a chapter closed.

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18. Anthony Hopkins reprised his role as Lecter twice; in Ridley Scott's Hannibal, and Red Dragon (2002).

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19. Anthony Hopkins portrayed Odin, the Allfather or "king" of Asgard, in the 2011 film adaptation of Marvel Comics' Thor.

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20. Anthony Hopkins received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003.

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21. Anthony Hopkins was Britain's highest paid performer in 1998, starring in The Mask of Zorro and Meet Joe Black, and agreed to reprise his role as Dr Hannibal Lecter for a fee of £15 million.

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22. Anthony Hopkins would spend hours just looking at Bart and admiring him.

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23. Anthony Hopkins acknowledged and respected him like a fellow actor.

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24. Anthony Hopkins made his first professional stage appearance in the Palace Theatre, Swansea, in 1960 with Swansea Little Theatre's production of Have a Cigarette.

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25. Anthony Hopkins was inspired by Welsh compatriot Richard Burton, whom he met at the age of 15.

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26. Anthony Hopkins stated his father's working-class values have always underscored his life.

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27. Anthony Hopkins was born on New Year's Eve 1937, in Margam, a suburb of Port Talbot, Glamorgan.

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28. Anthony Hopkins received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003, and in 2008, he received the BAFTA Fellowship for lifetime achievement from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

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29. Anthony Hopkins won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1992, and was nominated three additional times.

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