19 Facts About Starz Encore


Starz Encore is an American premium television channel owned by Starz Inc a subsidiary of Lions Gate Entertainment and headquartered at the Meridian International Business Center complex in Meridian, Colorado, United States.

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Therefore, Starz Encore subscribers do not necessarily have to subscribe to Starz in order to receive the channel.

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Starz Encore was the first major US premium channel to debut in almost 11 years, since Cinemax launched on August 1,1980 – at the time of Starz Encore's launch, Cinemax, HBO, Showtime and The Movie Channel were its only competitors.

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Starz Encore had increased its subscriber base to an estimated 7 million subscribers nationwide by 1996.

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On January 1,1997, Starz Encore launched a new pay service called MoviePlex which replaced a Liberty Media-owned network called INTRO Television, that ran blocks of programming from other cable channels.

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Starz Encore eventually began to be sold as a hybrid service, offered as either a premium channel or a digital basic network depending on the provider, retaining the uncut and commercial-free nature of its programming.

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On February 1,1994, Starz Encore launched the pay television industry's first "themed" multiplex – seven additional channels that each focused on a specific genre.

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Starz Encore was the first of the multiplex channels to launch, debuting on February 1,1994.

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Additional changes to the Encore multiplex came on August 1,2011, with the launch of a Spanish-language simulcast of Encore's primary channel called Encore Espanol, and the respective rebrands and refocusings of Encore Mystery and the teen-targeted Encore Wam into Encore Suspense and Encore Family, Encore Westerns and Encore Action became the only Encore multiplex channels to retain the naming schemes that were in use since the multiplex's original 1994 launch.

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Three of the Starz Encore channels underwent changes in their programming formats on December 2,2013 as part of an extensive rebranding of the Starz Encore multiplex.

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Starz Encore HD is a high definition simulcast feed of Starz Encore that broadcasts in the 1080i resolution format.

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Encore Action and Encore Drama began broadcasting in high definition on August 1,2011, while Encore Classic and Encore Suspense began their own HD simulcasts on December 2,2013.

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Starz Encore Play was a website and mobile app that featured original programming and feature film content from Starz Encore available for streaming in standard or high definition.

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In January 1997, Starz Encore secured a licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures, broadcasting over 300 titles; Paramount's first contract with Starz Encore expired in December 2005.

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In March 2013, Starz Encore reassumed sub-run rights to Paramount Pictures' feature film releases.

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Encore's contract with Universal Pictures expired in late 2002; HBO and Starz shared half of Universal's films in 2003 before the former assumed pay television rights the following year.

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Currently, Starz Encore Westerns carries the classic western series Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Have Gun – Will Travel.

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Starz Encore Black began airing The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, and Good Times on December 1,2015.

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On December 1,2013, Starz Encore introduced a new text-only logo, dropping the starburst mark included in its branding since its launch.

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