21 Facts About Stepford Cuckoos


Stepford Cuckoos are a set of fictional mutants, psychically linked quintuplets appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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The Stepford Cuckoos made their live action debut as the Frost Sisters; Esme, Sophie, and Phoebe in the television series The Gifted, portrayed by Skyler Samuels.

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Sophie and the other Stepford Cuckoos considered him to be disgusting and rejected him completely.

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The Stepford Cuckoos held Frost to be partially responsible for Sophie's death - with Frost having "inspired her to heroism" - and disassociated themselves from her at that time.

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The remaining three Stepford Cuckoos, now calling themselves the "Three-in-One, " were assigned to the Corsairs squad, advised by Cyclops.

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Stepford Cuckoos sought the Phoenix, which resurrected Sophie, but she promptly chooses to die again rather than be with him.

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The Stepford Cuckoos then learn that they shared Emma's ability to turn into a diamond form.

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Stepford Cuckoos were considered as "potential recruits" for the Initiative program.

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The Stepford Cuckoos are unable to relocate the baby telepathically, so Emma Frost orders them to focus on finding the Marauders who kidnapped it.

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Retorting that the Stepford Cuckoos were little more than mindless drones without her to think their thoughts for them, Esme then stabbed Phoebe with Gabby's bone claw.

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Stepford Cuckoos was stated as always being the dominant mind amongst her sisters.

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Stepford Cuckoos has since been portrayed in other realities as the most free-thinking of the Cuckoos.

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Stepford Cuckoos readily embraced the Phoenix and enjoyed the destructive power it gave her.

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Stepford Cuckoos had a relationship with another student, Germaine, who was killed by an anti-mutant mob when the students were trapped in a building in the aftermath of Xorn's destruction of Manhattan.

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Stepford Cuckoos then had a combative relationship with Jay Guthrie who was always interrupting her while she played the piano.

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Stepford Cuckoos later helped Gambit during Exodus's Brotherhood's attack on the school.

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Stepford Cuckoos eventually accepted her powers, killing the Thousand-in-One clones and her resurrected sisters per the cosmic judgment of Phoenix.

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Stepford Cuckoos is portrayed as the most compassionate of all the Cuckoos.

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Stepford Cuckoos dies in Emma's arms, who tells Esme that out of all the Cuckoos, she was most proud of her.

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Sophie has detached herself from the two remaining Stepford Cuckoos and is dating Quentin Quire, while Esme and Mindee remain like their original depictions in the main Marvel Universe.

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Stepford Cuckoos appear as antagonists in the video game X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, voiced by Jennifer Hale.

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