15 Facts About Stratus VOS


Stratus VOS is a proprietary operating system running on Stratus Technologies fault-tolerant computer systems.

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Stratus VOS is notable for being one of the few operating systems which run on fully lockstepped hardware.

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Stratus VOS was designed from its inception as a high-security transaction-processing environment tailored to fault-tolerant hardware.

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In 1984, Stratus added a UNIX System V implementation called Unix System Facilities to VOS, integrating Unix and VOS at the kernel level.

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In recent years, Stratus has added POSIX-compliance, and many open source packages can run on VOS.

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All versions of Stratus VOS offer compilers targeted at the native instruction set, and some versions of Stratus VOS offer cross-compilers.

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Stratus VOS offers supported ports of Samba, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, GNU Privacy Guard, OpenLDAP, Berkeley DB, MySQL Community Server, Apache, IBM WebSphere MQ, and the community edition of Java.

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Numeric values in Stratus VOS are always big endian, regardless of the endianness of the underlying hardware platform.

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Stratus VOS has a fairly complete command macro language which can be used to create menu systems, automate tasks etc.

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The former is used by Stratus VOS to determine the process's access rights to external devices and items with the file system.

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All commands in Stratus VOS are defined in full with underbars to separate words.

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Stratus VOS is used on Continuum and ftServer systems, both of which are designed to be highly fault-tolerant.

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Stratus VOS API allows the creation of multiple indexes per file, sorting according to the contents of a record, or an external key, or an internal key, or a well-defined set of multiple keys.

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Stratus VOS supports write, read, execute, and null access to all files, directories and devices.

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Stratus VOS inherited access control lists from Multics and implements directory access control lists.

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