11 Facts About Sugar Bowl


Sugar Bowl is an annual American college football bowl game played in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Sugar Bowl was originally played at Tulane Stadium before moving to the Superdome in 1975.

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Sugar Bowl has had a longstanding—albeit not exclusive—relationship with the Southeastern Conference .

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Indeed, the Sugar Bowl did not feature an SEC team only four times in its first 60 editions, and an SEC team played in the game in every year but one from 1950 to 1995.

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Since the 2014 season, the Sugar Bowl has been in the rotation of bowls—commonly referred to as the New Year's Six—that host College Football Playoff semifinal games once every three years.

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Sugar Bowl is regarded as the first black player to compete at a bowl game in the Deep South, though others such as Wallace Triplett had played in games like the 1948 Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

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However, the Sugar Bowl agreed to release the SEC champion if necessary to force a national championship game.

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Under this format, the Sugar Bowl hosted the first Bowl Coalition national championship game, when SEC champion Alabama upended Miami at the end of the 1992 season.

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Under the now-defunct BCS format, the Sugar Bowl continued to host the SEC champion against a top-tier at-large opponent, unless the SEC champion went to the BCS National Championship Game.

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When this happened, the Sugar Bowl usually selected the highest-ranked SEC team still available in the BCS pool.

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Sugar Bowl maintains an archive of past programs, images, newsreels, and other materials.

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