19 Facts About Sylhet


Sylhet is a metropolitan city in northeastern Bangladesh.

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Sylhet is one of Bangladesh's most important spiritual and cultural centres.

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Hinterland of the Sylhet valley is the largest oil and gas-producing region in Bangladesh.

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Name of Sylhet descended from Sanskrit word Srihatta which literally means elegant market.

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Sylhet emerged as the Mughals' most significant imperial outpost in the east, and its importance remained as such throughout the seventeenth century.

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Sylhet became a key source of lascars in the British Empire with its ancient seafaring tradition.

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Sylhet has played a vital role in the Bangladeshi economy.

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Sylhet has a typical Bangladeshi tropical monsoon climate bordering on a humid subtropical climate at higher elevations.

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Sylhet is divided into 6 metropolitan thanas and consists of 27 wards and 224 mahallas.

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On 10 April 2001, Sylhet was changed to a city corporation from a municipal board, and currently the city is administrated by the Sylhet City Corporation.

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At present, Sylhet is the district-headquarters as well as the divisional headquarters of the districts of Sunamganj, Habiganj, Moulvibazar and Sylhet District.

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Sylhet's economy is closely linked with the Bangladeshi diaspora, especially the British Bangladeshi community.

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Sylhet relies on religious tourism, with thousands of devotees visiting its Sufi shrines annually, as well as ecotourism in its broader natural hinterland.

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Several important Bangladeshi companies are based in Sylhet, including Jalalabad Gas Transmission and Distribution, Sylhet Gas Fields and Alim Industries.

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Sylhet's hinterland plays a vital role in the economy of Bangladesh.

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Sylhet has high rates of electric power shortage and water shortage.

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Notable players from Sylhet who have played for the Bangladesh national cricket team include Rajin Saleh, Enamul Haque Jr, Tapash Baisya, and Alok Kapali.

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City of Sylhet is served by Osmani International Airport, located at the north of the city.

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Sylhet was chosen because it is the area of origin for the largest ethnic minority group in St Albans.

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