10 Facts About Taranatha


Taranatha was a Lama of the Jonang school of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Taranatha is widely considered its most remarkable scholar and exponent.

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Taranatha was born in Tibet, supposedly on the birthday of Padmasambhava.

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Taranatha studied under such masters as Je Draktopa, Yeshe Wangpo, Kunga Tashi and Jampa Lhundrup, although his primary teacher was Buddhaguptanatha.

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Taranatha was recognized by Khenchen Lungrik Gyatso as the rebirth of Krishnacarya and the Khenchen's own teacher, Jetsun Kunga Drolchok.

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Taranatha's best known work is the 143-folio History of Buddhism in India of 1608, which has been published in English.

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Taranatha was an advocate of the Shentong view of emptiness and wrote many texts and commentaries on this subject.

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In 1614 Taranatha founded the important Jonangpa monastery Takten Dhamcholing, in the Tsangpo Valley about 200 miles west of Lhasa.

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Probably not long after 1614, Taranatha went to Mongolia, where he reportedly founded several monasteries.

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Taranatha's rebirth became known as Zanabazar, the 1st Bogd Gegeen and Jebtsundamba Khutuktu of Mongolia.

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