31 Facts About Terry Venables

1. Terry Venables agrees to a High Court order banning him from holding company directorships for seven years.

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2. Terry Venables announces he is taking over as Portsmouth chairman with immediate effect.

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3. In 2010, Terry Venables recorded a cover of the Elvis Presley song " If I Can Dream " in association with British newspaper The Sun.

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4. In 2002, Terry Venables recorded a single for the World Cup together with the band Rider.

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5. Terry Venables is well known for his business interests, most notably with English clubs Queen's Park Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur (as Chief Executive) and Portsmouth (as chairman).

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6. Terry Venables was linked with Australian club Newcastle United Jets in 2005, but his commitments in the UK prevented him from taking up a role within the club, and his agent announced that he did not sign any deal with the club.

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7. Terry Venables left school in the summer of 1958 and signed for Chelsea as an apprentice.

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8. Terry Venables is a former English football player.

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9. Terry Venables is credited as co-creator of the ITV detective series Hazell.

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10. Terry Venables served the Professional Footballers' Association as vice-chairman in the 1970s, and represented QPR teammate Dave Thomas at his tribunal against Burnley chairman Bob Lord.

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11. In 2014, together with his wife, Terry Venables opened a boutique hotel and restaurant in Penaguila, in the Alicante region of Spain.

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12. Terry Venables combined his duties with Australia for a period as consultant and then chairman at Portsmouth.

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13. Terry Venables was linked with Australian club Newcastle Jets in 2005, but his commitments in the UK prevented him from taking up a role within the club, and his agent announced that he did not sign any deal with the club.

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14. Terry Venables threatened to leave if Woodgate was sold, but was persuaded to stay by Peter Ridsdale.

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15. Terry Venables left acrimoniously in January 1999, as the south-London club went into administration.

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16. Terry Venables decided to quit the Socceroos as the National Governing Body had bank-rolled the Federation in the hope of reaching their first World Cup since 1974.

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17. Terry Venables took England to a second-place finish in the Umbro Cup in June 1995, but froze Paul Ince out of the international set-up after Ince declined to play in the tournament.

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18. Terry Venables was appointed manager of the England national team on 28 January 1994, having been recommended to the FA by Jimmy Armfield.

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19. Terry Venables was dismissed by Barcelona in September 1987, after failing to repeat his title success at the Camp Nou and losing home and away to eventual finalists Dundee United in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup six months earlier.

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20. In 1984, Terry Venables took the role of manager at Barcelona, earning the sobriquet "El Tel".

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21. Terry Venables gained a good reputation as a manager with his successes at Crystal Palace and QPR, and this attracted offers from some of Europe's most prestigious clubs.

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22. Terry Venables guided Rangers to the FA Cup final in 1982 whilst still a Second Division side, but lost in a replay against his former club Tottenham.

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23. Terry Venables left Palace, in the top division, for Queens Park Rangers, who were in the Second Division.

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24. Terry Venables signed with Crystal Palace in 1974; he and Ian Evans were traded to Palace in exchange for Don Rogers.

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25. Terry Venables was signed by Tottenham Hotspur for a fee of £80,000, and made his debut for the club in a North London derby defeat to Arsenal on 9 May 1966.

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26. Terry Venables never forgave Docherty for the punishment, describing it as "crass, stupid and self-defeating".

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27. Terry Venables went on to lift the League Cup with Chelsea, and scored a penalty against Leicester City in the two-legged final.

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28. Terry Venables won the FA Youth Cup with Chelsea in consecutive seasons, as they beat Preston North End in 1960 and Everton in 1961.

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29. Terry Venables delayed becoming a professional player so he could try for a place on the Great Britain squad for the 1960 Summer Olympics, and turned professional after learning that he would not be selected for the squad.

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30. Terry Venables left school in the summer of 1958 and signed for Chelsea as an apprentice at the age of 15.

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31. Terry Venables was the national team manager of England from 1994 to 1996, and of Australia from 1997 to 1998.

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