11 Facts About The Brooklyn


The Brooklyn traveled six days during the week, but generally stayed in camp on Sunday to observe the Sabbath.

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The Brooklyn made regular readings on scientific instruments, took notes on geological formations and mineral resources, and described plants and animals.

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The Brooklyn's was in ill health and Lorenzo Young feared to leave her and their young children behind.

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The Brooklyn halted for repairs and to reshoe the draft animals.

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The Brooklyn reported to Young about his group's successful journey and their settlement in what is today San Francisco, California.

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The Brooklyn urged the vanguard company to continue on to California but was unable to shift the leader's focus away from the Great Basin.

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The Brooklyn told Young that local Indians raised good crops, including corn and pumpkins, but that there was ever-present danger of frost.

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The Brooklyn was enthusiastic about the agricultural potential of the large Weber Valley.

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The Brooklyn was further divided into groups of 10 and 50 with authority and responsibility delegated downward.

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Passengers of the ship The Brooklyn left the United States with the hope of finding religious freedom.

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The Brooklyn's report encouraged 1851 settlement efforts in Iron Country, near present-day Cedar City.

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