11 Facts About The Hollywood Reporter


Hollywood Reporter was founded in 1930 by William R "Billy" Wilkerson as Hollywood's first daily entertainment trade newspaper.

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In 1932, Variety sued The Hollywood Reporter, alleging that THR was plagiarizing information from Variety following its publication in New York on Tuesdays, by way of phoning or wiring the information back to Hollywood, so that THR could publish the information before Variety reached Hollywood three days later on Friday.

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The Hollywood Reporter wrote that his father had been motivated by revenge for his thwarted ambition to own a studio.

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The The Hollywood Reporter absorbed another blow when Littleton left her position for an editorial job at Variety in March 2007.

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From 1988 to 2014, Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter were both located on Wilshire Boulevard along Miracle Mile.

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In March 2007, The Hollywood Reporter surpassed Daily Variety to achieve the largest total distribution of any entertainment daily.

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The Hollywood Reporter relaunched with a weekly print edition and a revamped website that enabled it to break news.

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Weekly print edition of The Hollywood Reporter includes profiles, original photography and interviews with entertainment figures; articles about major upcoming releases and product launches; film reviews and film festival previews; coverage of the latest industry deals, TV ratings, box-office figures and analysis of global entertainment business trends and indicators; photos essays and reports from premieres and other red-carpet events; and the latest on Hollywood fashion and lifestyle.

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The Hollywood Reporter published a primitive "satellite" digital edition in the late 1980s.

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Staffing at THR in 2008 saw even further cutbacks with "names from today's tragic bloodletting of The Hollywood Reporter's staff" adding up quickly in the hard economic times at the end of 2008.

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Since 2013, The Hollywood Reporter has published an annual feature called "Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot" where anonymous members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences explain their voting choices for the Academy Awards .

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