25 Facts About The Today Show


The Today Show retook the Nielsen ratings lead the week of December 11,1995, and held onto that position for 852 consecutive weeks until the week of April 9,2012, when Good Morning America topped it again.

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The Today Show maintained its No 2 status behind GMA from the summer of 2012 until it regained the lead in the aftermath of anchor Matt Lauer's departure in November 2017.

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In 2002, Today was ranked No 17 on TV Guides 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

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The Today Show was the first program of its genre when it premiered with original host Dave Garroway.

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Since 1958, The Today Show has only broadcast live on the Eastern Time Zone, and has been on broadcast delay for the five other US time zones.

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When breaking news stories warrant, Today will produce a West Coast edition by broadcasting parts of the show live for viewers there.

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In some instances, when an NBC News Special Report of breaking news or a live event occurs during the Today show time slot in the eastern time zone, the show's anchors will assume hosting responsibilities and the show will go live across all time zones until such time when the Special Report segment finishes.

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On Mondays The Hoda Show with Hoda Kotb is broadcast exclusive on the Today Show Radio channel.

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The network bowed to the pressure, and on July 7,1958, The Today Show moved across the street to Studio 3K in the RCA Building, where it remained through the early 1960s.

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In September 2015 The Today Show updated the set , the update included new floors, a new couch, and a new anchor desk.

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The Today Show wrote that the era was before the feminism, and it was believed that nobody would take a woman seriously reporting "infotainment", Walters described the position as a "tea pourer".

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The Today Show began substituting for Tom Brokaw on NBC Nightly News.

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The Today Show was photographed breastfeeding her son, a seemingly innocuous event, but NBC management was said to be greatly displeased by this, believing the photo to be "in poor taste".

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On June 1,2006, NBC News announced that for the summer of 2006, The Today Show would move to a temporary outdoor studio as Studio 1A was going through renovations to prepare for its switch to high-definition.

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Rumors of Curry's departure from The Today Show began weeks before NBC formally announced that she would no longer be co-host, spurring negative press similar to that resulting from the departure of Jane Pauley and her replacement by Deborah Norville 23 years earlier, as early reports suggested that Matt Lauer had a hand in the program's decision to let Curry go.

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The Today Show held that position on April 17,2017, after her return from maternity leave until Lauer's termination on November 29,2017.

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The Today Show continued to co-host the fourth hour of the show, a role she has held since 2007.

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On October 26,2018, NBC News confirmed the cancellation of Megyn Kelly Today and announced that the show's existing anchors would temporarily fill the third hour.

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The Today Show first expanded to weekends on September 20,1987, with the debut of the Sunday edition.

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The early morning news program Early The Today Show was conceived as a lead-in for The Today Show, featuring the same anchors as the main program at the time, Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley.

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One was Early The Today Show which was revived September 7,1999; the revived program originally was produced by CNBC and focused on business and financial news before switching to general news under the same production staff as MSNBC First Look in 2004.

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On July 15,2020, NBC launched The Today Show All Day, a digital extension of The Today Show which is a streaming video channel on the program's website and Peacock.

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The Today Show's Take aired its final episode on September 22,2017, and Megyn Kelly The Today Show replaced it on September 25,2017.

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Megyn Kelly The Today Show premiered on September 25,2017, as a replacement for The Today Show's Take.

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From 1995 to 2012, The Today Show generally beat ABC rival Good Morning America in the Nielsen ratings among all network morning programs.

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