18 Facts About Thousand Oaks

1. Thousand Oaks is changing the game in IoT, and we want everyone at CES to join us and help spread the seed that is Oaks.

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2. Thousand Oaks is proud to be the home of the 2004 Little League National Championship team.

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3. Thousand Oaks is home to endemic species found nowhere else on Earth.

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4. Thousand Oaks is served by Thousand Oaks Transit, which provides public transportation in the form of shuttles and buses.

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5. Thousand Oaks lies in the heart of the Conejo Valley, with the city of Los Angeles to the east and the city of Ventura to the west.

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6. In October 2013, Thousand Oaks was ranked the fourth safest city with a population over 100,000 in America, according to an annual report by the FBI.

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7. Thousand Oaks is one of the safest cities in America, according to consistent FBI reporting.

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8. Thousand Oaks is located adjacent to Simi Valley, often nicknamed "Reagan Country", where the former president is buried at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library near the Thousand Oaks border.

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9. Thousand Oaks has grown due to the incorporation of neighboring cities.

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10. Thousand Oaks is within the Greater Los Angeles Area and is 38 miles west of Los Angeles.

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11. City of Thousand Oaks Is situated in the Conejo Valley in southeastern Ventura County, halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, and 12 miles east of the Pacific Ocean.

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12. Thousand Oaks is encouraging mixed-use retail and housing development along the downtown portion of Thousand Oaks Boulevard.

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13. City of Thousand Oaks was incorporated on October 7, 1964, the first incorporated city in the Conejo Valley.

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14. Thousand Oaks worked for the Universal film studio, and decided to create his own film industry zoo after the closure of Universal Zoo in the mid-1920s.

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15. Thousand Oaks was home to a Norwegian community in the late 1890s and early 1900s, known as Norwegian Colony.

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16. Thousand Oaks bought 2,259 acres of land here in 1874, land which stretched from Old Town Thousand Oaks and into today's Newbury Park.

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17. Thousand Oaks is 55 square miles, which, for comparison, is 20 percent larger than San Francisco.

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18. Thousand Oaks was incorporated in 1964, but has since expanded to the west and east.

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