40 Facts About Travis Tomko


Travis David Tomko was born on March 23,1976 and is an American retired professional wrestler, entrepreneur, best known for his tenures with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name Tomko between 2006 and 2010.


Travis Tomko performed in New Japan Pro-Wrestling from 2006 to 2008.


Travis Tomko is a two-time tag team champion having simultaneously held the TNA World Tag Team and IWGP Tag Team championships.


Travis Tomko was signed to a World Wrestling Federation developmental contract in April 2002 and assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling to sharpen his skills.


In July 2003, Travis Tomko began working dark matches for the Raw brand.


Travis Tomko made his television debut on the April 19,2004, Raw, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, interfering in a Christian versus Chris Jericho match on Christian's behalf and helping him pick up the win.


Travis Tomko's gimmick was that of "The Problem Solver", and acting as an "enforcer for hire" for Christian and his kayfabe girlfriend Trish Stratus in their feud with Chris Jericho.


When Christian suffered a legit back injury, Travis Tomko continued to stand by Stratus and aid her in gaining an advantage in feuds against Jericho, Victoria, and Steven Richards, among others.


In June 2005, Edge, Christian and Travis Tomko joined forces with Eric Bischoff in his crusade against Extreme Championship Wrestling.


Now on his own, Travis Tomko was pushed as a "monster heel", winning singles matches against many jobbers by knock out after hitting a big boot to the back of the head.


Travis Tomko's winning streak ended after he was pinned by John Cena on Raw two weeks in a row.


Travis Tomko then went on to form a tag team with Snitsky they were not given much of a push.


Travis Tomko debuted in New Japan Pro-Wrestling on July 1,2006, participating in an eight-man tag match which he won.


Travis Tomko participated in a tournament for the vacant IWGP Heavyweight Championship, which had been vacated by Brock Lesnar, and lost in the first round to Yuji Nagata.


Travis Tomko participated in G1 Tag League 2006 in block B with Giant Bernard and reached the semi-final before losing to the eventual winners, Masahiro Chono and Shinsuke Nakamura.


At Wrestle Kingdom in Tokyo Dome, Travis Tomko teamed up with D'Lo Brown and Buchanan to take on Tomohiro Ishii, Togi Makabe and Toru Yano, Makabe pinned Buchanan.


Travis Tomko lost to Togi Makabe in the first round of the New Japan Cup 2007.


Travis Tomko was released early in March 2008 after NJPW decided not to renew his contract.


At Destination X, while getting out of the limo onto the black and blue carpet, Christian Cage received a telegram from Travis Tomko stating that Travis Tomko was in Japan and would come back if Cage would give him a title shot.


Whichever team member won, Travis Tomko would go to the team the member was from.


Travis Tomko entered that match as the third member, and was successful, until being gored through the cage door.


Travis Tomko remained in what was from then on known as Christian's Coalition, focused on aiding Cage.


Christian was able to convince Travis Tomko to continue on as his ally, which later came in handy as Travis Tomko would go on to do much of the brunt work in the Coalition's feud against the returned Abyss and Sting, though he would be twice pinned by Abyss at PPV's after taking a Black Hole Slam each time.


The Coalition was able to lock Sting out for a while, but after he appeared in the ring, Travis Tomko would be the first man busted open.


Styles and Travis Tomko won the TNA World Tag Team Championship from Team Pacman.


Styles and Travis Tomko's success led to some uncertainty within the Coalition, causing Travis Tomko to ask Christian what the chain of command was.


When Styles interfered on behalf of Kurt Angle to help him retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Christian Cage, staying with the Angle Alliance and turning his back on Cage, Travis Tomko was not present with him, leaving both Christian and Angle, staying true to his word.


That same night, Travis Tomko had his first singles match since becoming independent against Shark Boy, who in storyline was injured, and quickly defeated him.


At the 2008 Lockdown PPV, Travis Tomko was captain of his own team in the Lethal Lockdown match, though his team lost to Team Cage after Rhino pinned James Storm.


Travis Tomko was then scheduled to feud with Matt Morgan but the program was cut short when Tomko parted ways with TNA in late July 2008, with reports circulating that he was unhappy with management.


Travis Tomko had planned on working regularly for the Inoki Genome Federation in Japan but they cancelled many of their upcoming shows, opening up his schedule to appear one last time with TNA on a non-contractual basis.


Travis Tomko debuted in June 2009 under a mask and the ring name Arma in the Japanese wrestling promotion Hustle, where he formed a villainous tag team called "Armageddon" with fellow former WWE star Rene Dupree, who served as his partner Geddon.


On September 4,2013, Travis Tomko made his debut in Ring Warriors, where he claimed to be the next Ring Warriors Grand Champion.


On November 2,2013, Travis Tomko challenged Bruce Santee for the NWA FUW Bruiserweight Championship, but the match ended in no contest.


On February 1,2014, Travis Tomko wrestled Francisco Ciatso at the USA PRO WRESTLING 20th Anniversary Show in Orlando, Florida.


Travis Tomko won by disqualification when Ciatso introduced a chair into the match.


On January 21,2016, Travis Tomko made a tweet on Twitter that he his returning to the ring.


Travis Tomko faced Locke and QT Santee at FHW Wrestling in Palm Beach, Florida.


On February 13,2016, Travis Tomko faced Tommy Vandal at Independent Championship Wrestling in Miami, Florida.


On February 22,2016, Travis Tomko faced James "The Kid" Sabin at Florida Hardcore Wrestling and ended up in a disqualification when Sabin hit the referee with the chair.