15 Facts About Tribune Broadcasting


Tribune Broadcasting Company, LLC was an American media company which operated as a subsidiary of Tribune Media, a media conglomerate based in Chicago, Illinois.

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Tribune Broadcasting gained its third television and second radio station in 1960, when it purchased KDAL-TV and KDAL in Duluth, Minnesota from the estate of the late Dalton LeMasurier ; the company would later purchase KCTO in Denver from J Elroy McCaw in 1966.

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Tribune Broadcasting operated several local cable television systems from 1977 to 1985.

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In 1993, Tribune Broadcasting launched Chicagoland Television, a regional cable news channel for the Chicago area, which originally operated separately from the company's other Chicago media properties until it merged its operations with WGN-TV's news department in 2009.

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In November 1994, Tribune Broadcasting formed a partnership with several minority partners, including Quincy Jones, to form Qwest Broadcasting; Qwest operated as a technically separate company from Tribune ; Tribune would later acquire the Qwest stations outright in November 1999.

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In January 1995, Tribune Broadcasting became a partner in The WB Television Network, in a joint venture with the Warner Bros.

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Tribune Broadcasting Entertainment was Tribune Broadcasting's television production, syndication and advertising sales subsidiary.

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Tribune Broadcasting owned 39 television stations located in 33 markets .

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Tribune Broadcasting owned two digital multicast networks: This TV, which airs television series, and Antenna TV, which aired movies and children's programming.

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Tribune Broadcasting was seeking retransmission consent payments from DirecTV, which under previous carriage agreements, the company received for carriage of WGN America, but not for its local broadcast stations.

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Cablevision accused Tribune Broadcasting of demanding higher carriage fees to be used to help pay off debt, and alleged that it illegally bundled carriage agreements for WPIX and Hartford's WTIC-TV, which the company denied, stating its approach complied with FCC regulations.

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At issue are fees Tribune Broadcasting is seeking for carriage of its stations and WGN America.

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Tribune Broadcasting said the deal it offered Dish was the same one it has with other pay-TV distributors.

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Tribune Broadcasting has been seeking increases for WGN America as part of its plan to transition the channel from one that was highly dependent on reruns and Chicago sports to a network with lots of original programming that can compete with channels such as FX and AMC.

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Tribune Broadcasting blocked stations such as WJW, KDAF, WGNO, WTTV, KTLA, KCPQ, WPIX, WGN-TV, and WGN America.

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