15 Facts About Tudou


Tudou went live on April 15, 2005 and by September 2007 served over 55 million videos each day.

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In 2007 Tudou was one of the world's largest bandwidth users, moving more than 1 Petabyte per day to 7 million users.

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YouTube serves a larger number of videos per day, but the average Tudou video is longer in duration, meaning the total number of minutes of video being streamed daily from Tudou is significantly larger - about 15 billion minutes vs 3 billion for YouTube.

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Tudou was founded by Gary Wang and Dutchman Marc van der Chijs, whom Wang met while at Bertelsmann Media Group in China.

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Tudou was originally conceptualized as a video blogging company and the site launched on April 15, 2005, in its current format, several months after YouTube.

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Tudou completed its financial fund series A to E between year 2005 to 2010 in November 2005, April 2006, April 2007, April 2008, and August 2010 respectively.

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In July 2007, Tudou introduced one of the world's first large-scale video advertising systems for video sites, several months ahead of YouTube.

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In late September 2007, Intel and Tudou announced a partnership to explore wireless video sharing technologies and video applications for mobile devices.

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Tudou agreed to increase its use of Intel CPUs in its rapidly growing video encoder server farms.

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In December 2007, Tudou introduced videos in the H 264 format, providing higher quality and standards-based video.

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Portion of Tudou's content comes from commercial sources and is not user-generated.

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Tudou says that the Chinese often go to Tudou for TV-like saq-media, instead of using their televisions.

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Nevertheless, Tudou still comes under criticism for its disregard of some copyright policies.

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Tudou accepts uploaded videos in a variety of formats, including.

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Tudou uses a variety of proprietary and commercial content distribution networks, such as ChinaCache to distribute videos around China.

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