9 Facts About Turks Caicos

1. In 1976, the Turks and Turks Caicos Islands became a crown colony.

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2. Turks and Turks Caicos Islands has one of the longest coral reefs in the world and the world's only conch farm.

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3. Turks and Turks Caicos established a National Health System in 2010.

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4. Turks and Turks Caicos worked to refurbish its primary schools, reduce textbook costs, and increase equipment and supplies given to schools.

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5. Turks and Turks Caicos is a British Overseas Territory and not an independent country, they, at one time, could not confer citizenship.

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6. Turks and Turks Caicos Islands are best known for ripsaw music.

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7. Turks and Turks Caicos Islands are divided into six administrative districts, headed by district commissioners.

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8. Turks and Turks Caicos Islands feature tropical climate, with relatively consistent temperatures throughout the course of the year.

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9. Turks and Turks Caicos Islands are named after the Turk's cap cactus, and the Lucayan term caya hico, meaning 'string of islands'.

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