11 Facts About Ugly Betty


Ugly Betty is an American comedy-drama television series developed by Silvio Horta, which was originally broadcast on ABC.

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Program's pilot was tested on several cable providers to gauge interest and feedback from viewers, most notably the Hispanic community, including those who are fans of the original Ugly Betty, who hoped that ABC would maintain the integrity of the original.

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Ugly Betty Suarez is a quirky, 22-year-old Mexican American woman from Queens, New York, who is sorely lacking in fashion sense.

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Ugly Betty's is known for her adult braces, rather unusual wardrobe choices, sweet nature, and slight naivete.

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Ugly Betty's is abruptly thrust into a different world when she lands a job at Mode, a trendy, high-fashion magazine based in Manhattan that is part of the publishing empire Meade Publications owned by the wealthy Bradford Meade.

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Ugly Betty's receives strong support from her father, Ignacio, older sister, Hilda, and nephew, Justin.

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Season begins with Ugly Betty moving to an apartment in the city, after rejecting both Henry and Gio.

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Series concludes with the Suarez sisters leaving home, with Ugly Betty accepting a new job in London and Hilda and Justin moving out to live with Bobby.

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In 2007, an Arabic version of Ugly Betty was mentioned, which would have been produced and shot in Dubai.

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Ugly Betty has been referenced on television shows in the United Kingdom.

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New Zealand TV2 hyped-up Ugly Betty by promoting Tuesday nights as "True Beauty Tuesday", and when the show moved to Sunday nights, it promoted them as "Beautiful Sunday".

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