21 Facts About UPS Airlines


UPS Airlines is a major American cargo airline based in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Pilots of UPS Airlines are represented by the Independent Pilots Association.

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Similar to the US Postal Service, UPS Airlines packages were transported as baggage on commercial airline flights.

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In 1975, UPS Airlines started its first international operations as it expanded into Canada, with an additional expansion into West Germany a year later.

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In 1980, UPS Airlines opened its first major hub for sorting packages transported by aircraft, located in Louisville, Kentucky.

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In contrast to chief competitor Federal Express, in the early 1980s, air operations of UPS were undertaken by several contractors, including Evergreen International Airlines, Interstate Airlines, Ryan Air, and Orion Air.

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In 1982, UPS Airlines introduced its Next-Day Air service, guaranteeing overnight delivery on certain packages.

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In 1986, in an effort to obtain service rights to Japan, UPS Airlines entered into a joint venture with DHL, named International Parcel Express.

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In 1995, UPS Airlines purchased a second aircraft type from Boeing, the Boeing 767 freighter.

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In 1991, to gain the ability to fly domestic cargo flights within Europe, UPS Airlines entered into a partnership with Danish airline Star Air, leasing several 727 freighters to the airline.

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In 2004, parent company UPS Airlines acquired Menlo Worldwide Forwarding to expand its heavy-freight operations.

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Under the terms of the A380 purchase, UPS Airlines reduced its order for A300 aircraft from 90 aircraft to 53.

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In February 2007, UPS Airlines nearly doubled the size of its 767 fleet, as an order was placed for 27 additional freighters, entering service between 2009 and 2012.

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In 2009, UPS Airlines retired its entire fleet of DC-8 aircraft; at the time, its 44 aircraft represented nearly half of the active DC-8 fleet flying worldwide.

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On February 8,2010, UPS Airlines announced the plans to furlough at least 300 pilots in 2010 and 2011, cancelling a 2009 agreement between the company and the Independent Pilots Association.

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UPS Airlines decided to recall pilots back to work in December 2011.

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UPS Airlines operates several international hubs worldwide outside of Worldport.

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In line with the long-running UPS tradition of not displaying vehicle-manufacturer branding, UPS Airlines aircraft do not have any markings indicating aircraft type.

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From its 1988 formation to 2003, UPS Airlines used a bi-color brown and white livery on its aircraft.

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In 2014, in line with UPS delivery vehicles, UPS Airlines phased in a revised version of its "Worldwide Services" livery, removing the "Synchronizing the world of commerce" phrase from the fuselage.

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UPS Airlines has experienced two fatal crashes which resulted in four fatalities.

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