89 Facts About Valentino Rossi

1. Valentino Rossi added: "I like very much [the new livery]—Yamaha is always blue, and the blue of the Yamaha is beautiful, but I like the black of Monster because [the combination is] the colour of my soccer team, Inter, so I feel comfortable.

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2. Valentino Rossi says Yamaha's worked diligently during the off-season in a quest for more speed.

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3. Valentino Rossi added: "I like very much [the new livery]—Yamaha is always blue, and the blue of the Yamaha is beautiful, but I like the black of Monster because [the combination is] the colour of my soccer team, Inter, so I feel comfortable.

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4. Valentino Rossi is hoping to claim a first Championship since 2009 on his Yamaha.

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5. Valentino Rossi shifted to Yamaha in 2004 for a pay of $12 million a year.

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6. Valentino Rossi was looking into going into the European series or the Italian 100cc competitions which would lead him to Formula 1.

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7. Valentino Rossi was born on February 16, 1979 at Urbino, Italy.

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8. In 2009 Valentino Rossi celebrated his 100th Grand Prix win at Assen by unveiling a banner detailing all of his celebrations and we have collected together a top 10 of Rossi's celebrations.

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9. Valentino Rossi has become one of the greatest riders in MotoGP, with multiple championship and race victories across GP125, 250 GP, 500 Grand Prix and MotoGP.

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10. Valentino Rossi was born on February 16, 1979 in Urbino, Italy.

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11. At the 2015 Argentine Grand Prix, Valentino Rossi wore a replica Diego Maradona football shirt on the podium in tribute to Maradona after Rossi won the race.

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12. In 2011 and 2012, Valentino Rossi was a member of the Ducati factory team, where the team wore shirts from Puma, while Rossi still maintained his association with Dainese.

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13. Valentino Rossi finished the rally in 12th place, 13 minutes and 20.4 seconds behind eventual winner Sebastien Loeb.

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14. Valentino Rossi managed to outpace former WRC champion Didier Auriol by seven seconds in the head-to-head Master Show final.

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15. Valentino Rossi beat the 2005 winner Rinaldo Capello by 24 seconds, winning five of the seven stages on his way.

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16. Valentino Rossi competed in a Subaru Impreza WRC04 finishing 11th out of 39.

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17. Valentino Rossi tested the Ferrari Formula One car in 2006 on 31 January 1 February, and 2 February at Valencia.

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18. Valentino Rossi traditionally incorporates his favorite color into his leather designs.

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19. Valentino Rossi won the 2008 title, with Lorenzo suffering two serious crashes at Laguna Seca and China.

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20. Valentino Rossi lost consciousness briefly after the crash, and was transferred to a hospital in Alcaniz for a precautionary CT scan.

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21. Valentino Rossi achieved his third second place of the season at the French Grand Prix.

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22. Valentino Rossi scored his second podium of the season at Misano and ultimately finished sixth in the final championship standings, with 163 points.

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23. Valentino Rossi finished seventh in Catalunya, while at Silverstone, Rossi was fastest in the first free practice session, but finished the race in ninth.

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24. At the final race in Valencia, Valentino Rossi retired at the first corner after Alvaro Bautista fell from his bike and took down Rossi, teammate Hayden and Randy de Puniet in the process.

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25. Valentino Rossi retired in Australia, crashing out midway through the race.

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26. Valentino Rossi tested the Desmosedici for the first time in Valencia on 9 November 2010, making his first appearance since 1999, on an Italian motorcycle.

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27. Valentino Rossi managed to end the race in fourth place after a battle with Casey Stoner for third before a third-place finish at Laguna Seca.

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28. Valentino Rossi had some success in the 1996 World Championship season, failing to finish five of the season's races and crashing several times.

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29. Valentino Rossi is a team owner of junior class team Sky Racing Team by VR46 that competes in Moto2 and Moto3.

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30. Valentino Rossi led the championship for the vast majority of the 2015 season before being overhauled by team colleague Jorge Lorenzo at the final round in Valencia, with Rossi losing out as a result of a grid penalty sustained for a controversial clash with Honda rider Marc Marquez in the previous Malaysian round.

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31. Valentino Rossi replaced Stoner at Ducati, who went on to win the 2011 title with Honda instead while Rossi endured a difficult spell with his compatriot marque.

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32. Valentino Rossi lost the 2006 title with a crash in the final round at Valencia, ceding the title to his former Honda teammate Nicky Hayden.

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33. Valentino Rossi is the only rider in the history of the World Championship to have won the World Championship in four different classes: 125cc, 250cc, 500cc and MotoGP (6).

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34. Valentino Rossi admits he felt "very uncomfortable" aboard his Yamaha on the Saturday of the MotoGP Valencia Grand Prix, and could only manage 16th in qualifying.

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35. Valentino Rossi missed out on an automatic Q2 spot after he only took 13th place in FP3—in which he.

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36. Valentino Rossi says he was "very uncomfortable" riding the Yamaha MotoGP bike in the dry this weekend in Valencia, en route to 16th on the grid for Sunday's race.

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37. Valentino Rossi says he was "very uncomfortable" riding his Yamaha MotoGP bike in the dry at Valencia, as he struggled to a low-key 16th on the grid.

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38. Valentino Rossi has posted an end of year video message thanking his British fans for voting him MCN Man of the Year in 2008.

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39. Valentino Rossi has claimed that winning the MotoGP world title next season is not an "impossible" target.

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40. Valentino Rossi had a heroic run at the Sepang International Circuit, but it ended in heartbreak on lap 17 when he crashed out of the lead.

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41. Valentino Rossi had a heroic run at the Sepang International Circuit, but it ended in heartbreak on lap 17 when the Italian superstar crashed out of the lead.

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42. In an interview, Valentino Rossi said "It's just a moment to focus and 'talk' to my bike, like moving from one place to the next.

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43. Valentino Rossi achieved a top speed of 185 miles per hour, a speed which would have put him in the top fifteen of a Nationwide Series race.

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44. In January 2010, Valentino Rossi has said that once he retires from motorcycle racing, he hopes to move into rallying.

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45. In May 2006, Valentino Rossi announced that he would be staying in MotoGP until he felt his work on the motorbike was "finished.

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46. On the final day of testing, Valentino Rossi was just a little more than a half second behind Schumacher's best time.

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47. In 2009, Valentino Rossi defeated Lorenzo in several tight battles, at Valencia, Assen, Sachsenring and, most memorably, Lorenzo's home race at Catalonia, after passing him in the final corner to take victory, in that part of the track where any overtaking was considered impossible.

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48. Since then the two have not spoken and Valentino Rossi seemed to resolve to use the incident to apply psychological pressure on Gibernau.

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49. On 10 August, it was confirmed that Valentino Rossi would leave the factory Ducati team at the end of the 2012 season, after two seasons with the team.

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50. On 15 August 2010, after the Brno race, Valentino Rossi confirmed he would ride for Ducati Corse, signing a two-year deal starting in 2011, joining former Honda racing teammate Nicky Hayden on the team.

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51. At the conclusion of the session, Valentino Rossi complained of discomfort, reporting pain in both his leg and his shoulder.

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52. Valentino Rossi failed to win at Mugello, for the first time since 2001.

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53. Valentino Rossi ended the season with 304 points to Gibernau's 257, with Max Biaggi third with 217 points.

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54. Valentino Rossi clinched his second title at Rio de Janeiro, with four races remaining in the season; he finished all but one race during the season, with a retirement at Brno.

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55. Valentino Rossi failed to finish on GP Sepang, but his brother won the race on Moto2.

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56. Valentino Rossi hit the front from second on the grid at the.

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57. Valentino Rossi was left distraught after seeing the chance of a first race win of 2018 slip away in Malaysia on Sunday.

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58. Valentino Rossi was the man setting the scorching pace at the front, with Marquez pressuring his rival from just under a second back.

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59. Valentino Rossi led the majority of the Sepang race on Sunday, but was being reeled in by Marc Marquez when his hopes.

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60. Valentino Rossi is 10cm taller than Vinales, who is 171cm, and is heavier than his team-mate.

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61. Valentino Rossi says the fact he is taller and heavier than his Yamaha MotoGP team-mate Maverick Vinales makes it more difficult for him to manage rear-tyre wear.

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62. Valentino Rossi says the fact he is taller and heavier than his Yamaha MotoGP teammate Maverick Vinales makes it more difficult for him to manage his rear tyre.

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63. Valentino Rossi completed Day 1 at the Michelin® Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix in tenth place on the combined timesheets after having spent the majority of both FP1 and FP2 working with the medium rear tyre compound.

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64. Valentino Rossi searching for medium rear tyre grip and better balance.

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65. Valentino Rossi is very superstitious and is renowned for his pre-ride rituals.

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66. Valentino Rossi is the owner of the Sky Racing Team by VR46, which debuted in the Moto3 category of Grand Prix motorcycle racing in 2014 with riders Romano Fenati and Francesco Bagnaia.

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67. Valentino Rossi signed a new two-year contract confirming he will be at Yamaha until 2010.

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68. Valentino Rossi had been linked with a move to both Formula One and the World Rally Championship in 2007, having tested for Ferrari and competed in a number of rally events.

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69. Valentino Rossi tested the Ferrari Formula One car in 2006 on 31 January, 1 February, and 2 February at Valencia.

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70. Since his early racing days Valentino Rossi has had numerous nicknames.

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71. Valentino Rossi continued his improvement by finishing second in Argentina and the US to take the lead of the Championship after three races.

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72. Valentino Rossi secured second place in wet conditions at Sepang behind Andrea Dovizioso having again led for periods, the result securing second place in the championship for the third year in a row.

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73. Valentino Rossi started 15th in Phillip Island after a rain affected qualifying but recovered to finish second in the race.

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74. Valentino Rossi bounced back at the Catalunya by winning from seventh on the first lap after a late race battle with Marquez.

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75. Valentino Rossi began the 2016 season with fourth place in Qatar, albeit just two seconds from victory.

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76. Valentino Rossi made it up to fourth in the race, but with Lorenzo winning the race, Lorenzo took the championship by five points.

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77. In Japan, Valentino Rossi extended his championship lead to eighteen with a second-place finish to Dani Pedrosa in drying conditions.

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78. Valentino Rossi finished second to Lorenzo in Catalunya, to maintain the championship lead over his teammate by one point.

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79. Valentino Rossi took his first pole position since the 2010 French Grand Prix in Valencia, his 60th pole position in Grand Prix racing.

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80. Valentino Rossi took his second victory of 2014, at Phillip Island, benefitting from an accident for Marquez, while he was leading the race.

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81. On 1 June 2014, Valentino Rossi appeared in his 300th Grand Prix race, at his home round at Mugello.

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82. At the end of the 2013 season, Valentino Rossi announced the conclusion of his long collaboration with crew chief Jeremy Burgess, who was replaced by Silvano Galbusera, the former crew chief of Marco Melandri in the Superbike World Championship.

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83. Valentino Rossi battled consistently among the second group of riders, along with Cal Crutchlow, Stefan Bradl and Alvaro Bautista.

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84. With his retirement, Valentino Rossi finished a season winless for the first time in his Grand Prix career, and finished seventh place in the championship.

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85. Valentino Rossi won a close race in Germany, winning by 0.099 seconds.

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86. Valentino Rossi finished with a total of 367 points, 147 points ahead of second-place finisher Marco Melandri, and Nicky Hayden finished third with 206 points.

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87. Valentino Rossi won the first race in wet conditions at Suzuka, beating several local riders, who were racing as wildcards.

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88. In 1994, Valentino Rossi raced in the Italian 125 CC Championship with a prototype called Sandroni, using a Rotax engine.

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89. Valentino Rossi continued to race karts and finished fifth at the national kart championships in Parma.

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