13 Facts About Varuna


Varuna is a Vedic deity associated initially with the sky, later with the seas as well as Rta and Satya .

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Varuna is found in the oldest layer of Vedic literature of Hinduism, such as hymn 7.

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In Hindu tradition, the theonym Varuna is described as a derivation from the verbal root vr by means of a suffixal -una-, for an interpretation of the name as "he who covers or binds", in reference to the cosmological ocean or river encircling the world, but in reference to the "binding" by universal law or Rta.

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The etymological identification of the name Ouranos with the Sanskrit Varuna is based in the derivation of both names from the PIE root *uer with a sense of "binding" – the Indic king-god Varuna binds the wicked, the Greek king-god Ouranos binds the Cyclopes.

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Varuna, being the king of the Asuras, was adopted or made the change to a Deva after the structuring of the primordial cosmos, imposed by Indra after he defeats Vrtra.

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Varuna finds a mention in the early Upanishads, where his role evolves.

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Varuna's is stated in the Vedic texts to be the mother of Varuna and Mitra along with other Vedic gods, and in later Hindu mythology she as mother earth is stated to be mother of all gods.

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Varuna, addressed as Varuni explained Brahman in Taittiriya Upanishad to sage Bhrigu.

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Varuna asked Rama to remember that he is "the soul of peace and love, wrath does not suit him".

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Varuna promised to Rama that he will not disturb him or his army as they build a bridge and cross over to Lanka.

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The festival marks the arrival of spring and harvest, but in Sindhi community it marks the birth of Uderolal in year 1007, after they prayed to Hindu god Varuna to save them from the persecution by tyrannical Muslim ruler named Mirkhshah.

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In East Asian Buddhism, Varuna is a dharmapala and often classed as one of the Twelve Devas .

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Varuna is included with the other eleven devas, which include Taishakuten, Futen, Emmaten, Rasetsuten, Ishanaten, Bishamonten, Katen, Bonten, Jiten, Nitten, and Gatten .

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