31 Facts About Viggo Mortensen

1. Viggo Mortensen used the word while speaking at a post-screening discussion about the pair's new movie Green Book, which is.

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2. Viggo Mortensen was prepping for "Green Book", in which he packs on the pounds to play a working class Italian-American, Tony Lip (real name: Frank Anthony Vallelonga).

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3. Viggo Mortensen is an Oscar-nominated actor with notable movies like 'Eastern Promises' and 'A History of Violence' to his name.

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4. Viggo Mortensen promises he will never say the N-word again after using the derogatory.

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5. Viggo Mortensen apologized over the weekend after he used the 'n-word' on Wednesday evening during a post-screening panel for his new film Green Book.

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6. Viggo Mortensen plays a many-sided leading man in 'Green Book'.

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7. Viggo Mortensen packed on the pounds for his new film 'Green Book'.

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8. Viggo Mortensen has apologized for using the N-word while promoting his new movie "Green Book.

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9. Viggo Mortensen has been busy promoting his upcoming film, Green Book, but he hit a major bump when he used the n-word on Wednesday night.

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10. Viggo Mortensen has apologised after facing backlash for using a racial slur.

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11. Viggo Mortensen says sorry for using N-word during 'Green Book' panel: I 'will not utter it again'.

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12. Viggo Mortensen apologizes for using N-word while promoting 'Green Book'.

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13. Viggo Mortensen is apologizing for using the n-word after a screening of his new film Green Book.

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14. Viggo Mortensen apologizes for using the N-word during 'Green Book' screening panel.

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15. Viggo Mortensen stars alongside Mahershala Ali who's out to win his second Best Supporting Actor trophy in just three years.

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16. Viggo Mortensen shares his advice for the cast of Amazon's upcoming Lord of the Rings television series.

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17. Viggo Mortensen offers his advice to Amazon's The Lord of the Rings cast.

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18. Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy, and now.

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19. Viggo Mortensen has owned property in Sandpoint, Idaho, and spends time there when not filming movies.

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20. Viggo Mortensen was a good friend of Icelandic painter Georg Guðni Hauksson until the latter's death in 2011.

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21. Viggo Mortensen has expressed a liking of association football, ice hockey and baseball.

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22. Viggo Mortensen met actress and singer Exene Cervenka in 1986 on the set of the comedy Salvation! The couple married on July 8, 1987.

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23. Viggo Mortensen is an author, with various books of poetry, photography, and painting published.

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24. Viggo Mortensen starred in the 2016 film Captain Fantastic, for which he received his second Academy Award nomination.

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25. In 2009, Viggo Mortensen performed in The People Speak, a documentary feature film that uses dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries, and speeches of everyday Americans, based on historian Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States.

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26. Viggo Mortensen talked about his work with Bob Anderson, the swordmaster on The Lord of the Rings, Alatriste, Pirates of the Caribbean and many others.

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27. In 2009, Viggo Mortensen appeared as himself in the film Reclaiming The Blade, in which he discussed his passion for the sword and his sword-work in films such as The Lord of the Rings and Alatriste.

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28. In 2005, Viggo Mortensen starred in David Cronenberg's movie A History of Violence as a family man revealed to have had an unsavory previous career.

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29. Viggo Mortensen made his first film appearance playing an Amish farmer in Peter Weir's Witness.

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30. In 2005, Viggo Mortensen won critical acclaim for David Cronenberg's crime thriller A History of Violence.

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31. Viggo Mortensen received international attention in the early 2000s with his role as Aragorn in the epic film trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

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