28 Facts About Vitor Belfort

1. Vitor Belfort was born in Rio de Janeiro and studied jiu-jitsu with the Gracie family, namely Carlson Gracie.

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2. Vitor Belfort is the only fighter in UFC history with five or more appearances in three separate weight classes.

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3. Vitor Belfort learned jiu-jitsu with Carlson Gracie who gave him a black belt.

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4. Vitor Belfort was born on April 1, 1977, in Brazil to a French father and a Greek mother.

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5. Vitor Belfort appears in the video for the song "I'm Down" by The Almost.

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6. Vitor Belfort still maintains a missing page on the Brazilian version of his website.

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7. Vitor Belfort is married to Joana Prado, with whom he has three children.

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8. Vitor Belfort was born on 1 April 1977, in Rio de Janeiro to a French-Brazilian father and a Greek-Brazilian mother.

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9. Vitor Belfort has expressed a desire to return to professional boxing, stating in 2008 that he was interested in talking with Golden Boy Promotions regarding a deal.

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10. Vitor Belfort won by TKO within the first minute after knocking his opponent down three times.

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11. On 11 April 2006, Vitor Belfort fought in his professional boxing debut against Josemario Neves.

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12. Vitor Belfort lost the fight via knockout in the second round.

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13. Vitor Belfort lost the fight via TKO in the second round.

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14. Vitor Belfort found initial success with a flurry of punches early in the opening of the first round, but Weidman survived them, secured a takedown, achieved the mount position and defeated Belfort via TKO due to punches.

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15. Vitor Belfort was expected to face Weidman on 6 December 2014, at UFC 181.

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16. Vitor Belfort was expected to face Chael Sonnen on 5 July 2014, at UFC 175 as a replacement for Wanderlei Silva.

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17. Vitor Belfort defeated Henderson via first-round knockout to become the first person to defeat Henderson via strikes.

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18. Vitor Belfort faced Dan Henderson at light heavyweight in a rematch on 9 November 2013, at UFC Fight Night 32.

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19. Vitor Belfort was expected to face Alan Belcher on 13 October 2012, at UFC 153.

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20. Vitor Belfort was briefly linked to a matchup with Cung Le, expected to take place on 19 November 2011, at UFC 139.

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21. Vitor Belfort initially thought the UFC would try to put him on the card at UFC 134 in Brazil, but the fight with Akiyama came together to help bolster the card in Philadelphia.

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22. Vitor Belfort spent a brief time training for his Affliction fight against Terry Martin with Chute Boxe in Brazil.

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23. Vitor Belfort defeated James Zikic on 22 September 2007, at Cage Rage 23 to claim the Cage Rage light heavyweight title in a unanimous decision.

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24. Vitor Belfort eventually returned and fought Chuck Liddell, then Marvin Eastman (winning via TKO and opening a severe cut on Eastman's eyebrow with a knee strike).

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25. Vitor Belfort was upset by TKO 8:16 into the match, his boxing skills negated by Couture's clinch fighting.

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26. In 1997 Vitor Belfort fought against American Greco-Roman wrestler Randy Couture, the first of three fights they would have.

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27. At age 19, Vitor Belfort became the youngest fighter to score a victory inside the octagon.

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28. At the age of 19, Vitor Belfort came to the United States to compete.

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