44 Facts About Walter Smith

1. Walter Smith suffered a heart attack on 9 August 1961, at his home in Washington, DC, and he died in the ambulance on the way to Walter Reed Army Hospital.

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2. In 1955, Walter Smith was approached to perform the voice-over and opening scene for the movie To Hell And Back, which was based on the autobiography of Audie Murphy.

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3. Walter Smith was a consultant at the Special Projects Office in the Executive Office of the President from 1955 to 1956.

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4. Walter Smith left the State Department on 1 October 1954 and took up a position with the United Fruit Company.

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5. Walter Smith consolidated training under a Director of Training and developed a career service program.

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6. Walter Smith is remembered in the CIA as its first successful Director of Central Intelligence, and one of its most effective, who redefined its structure and mission.

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7. Walter Smith stepped up efforts to obtain economic, psychological, and photographic intelligence.

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8. Throughout the war, Walter Smith had been troubled by a recurring stomach ulcer.

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9. Walter Smith was passed over in favor of General Joseph McNarney.

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10. Walter Smith took a hard line, threatening that unless terms were accepted, the Allies would seal the front, thus forcing the remaining Germans into the hands of the Red Army, but he made some concessions regarding a ceasefire before the surrender came into effect.

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11. Walter Smith had to conduct another set of surrender negotiations, that of the German armed forces, in May 1945.

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12. Walter Smith sent Strong to personally warn Bradley, who was preparing an offensive of his own.

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13. Walter Smith was promoted to lieutenant general and made a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath in January 1944.

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14. In 1922, Walter Smith became aide de camp to Brigadier General George Van Horn Moseley, the commander of the 12th Infantry Brigade at Fort Sheridan.

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15. In February 1919 Walter Smith was assigned to Camp Dodge, Iowa, where he was involved with the disposal of surplus equipment and supplies.

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16. In 1913, Walter Smith met Mary Eleanor Cline, who was born in 1893 and died in 1963, and they were married in a traditional Roman Catholic wedding ceremony on 1 July 1917.

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17. In 1911, at the age of 16, Walter Smith enlisted as a private in Company D of the 2nd Indiana Infantry of the Indiana National Guard.

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18. Walter Smith reorganized the CIA, redefined its structure and its mission, and he gave it a new sense of purpose.

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19. In May 1945, Walter Smith met representatives of the German High Command in Reims, France, to conduct the surrender of the German Armed Forces, and he signed the German Instrument of Surrender on behalf of General Eisenhower.

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20. In this position, Walter Smith negotiated successfully for food and fuel aid to be sent through German lines for the cold and starving Dutch civilian population, and opened discussions for the peaceful and complete German capitulation to the First Canadian Army in the Netherlands.

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21. Walter Smith was involved in negotiating the armistice between Italy and the Allies, which he signed on behalf of Eisenhower.

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22. Walter Smith enlisted as a private in the Indiana Army National Guard in 1911.

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23. In 1998 Walter Smith had threatened to consider his future at Everton after Duncan Ferguson told him he was to be sold to Newcastle.

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24. Walter Smith was awarded the OBE in Queen's birthday honours in October 1997.

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25. Walter Smith signed Paul Gascoigne for Rangers from Lazio in 1995.

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26. Walter Smith was Alex Ferguson's assistant manager during the 1986 Mexico World Cup.

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27. Walter Smith was born in Lanark, Scotland, on February 24, 1948, which means he will celebrate his 64th birthday tomorrow.

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28. Walter Smith signed as a defender with Dundee United in 1966, joining as a part-timer while working as an electrician.

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29. Walter Smith was born in Lanark, South Lanarkshire, and grew up in Carmyle in the east end of Glasgow as a boyhood fan of Rangers.

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30. Walter Smith has been a consultant with Affective Learning Systems since 2004.

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31. Walter Smith had explored the Virginia rivers flowing into the Chesapeake Her grandparents faced what was in many ways the worst foe of all—Walter Plecker, who as head of Virginia's Bureau of Vital Statistics from 1912 until 1946 championed race laws.

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32. Walter Smith was linked with a return to management as Scotland manager in February 2018, but he withdrew his name from consideration after discussions with the Scottish FA.

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33. Walter Smith was appointed non-executive chairman in May 2013, but he resigned from the board in August.

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34. On 11 November 2012, Walter Smith returned to Ibrox taking on a role with the new Rangers company as a non-executive director.

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35. In this final season as manager, Walter Smith led Rangers to another domestic double, winning the League Cup and their 54th league championship.

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36. Walter Smith was appointed manager of the Scottish national team on 2 December 2004, succeeding Berti Vogts.

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37. Walter Smith replaced Howard Kendall after his third spell as Everton manager, having only avoided relegation in 1998 due to their superior goal difference over Bolton Wanderers.

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38. Walter Smith remained a regular first team player for United until 1974, often in central defence.

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39. Walter Smith was born in Lanark, but grew up in the Carmyle district in the East End of Glasgow, and was a boyhood fan of Rangers.

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40. Walter Smith is the second-most successful manager in the history of Rangers, behind Bill Struth.

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41. Walter Smith became the manager of Rangers in 1991, succeeding Souness.

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42. Walter Smith was assistant to Scotland manager Alex Ferguson at the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico, after it had been announced that he would be moving to Rangers as assistant to Graeme Souness.

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43. Walter Smith will voice Lance Sterling, who has been dubbed "the world's most awesome spy", with Holland as his intelligent but socially awkward sidekick, Walter Beckett.

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44. Walter Smith voices spy character Lance Sterling in including a custom animated piece featuring Sterling and Walter Beckett, a scientist character voiced by actor Tom Holland.

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