47 Facts About Graeme Souness

1. Graeme Souness was adamant that this is the case but Gary Neville launched a defence of The Special One, centred around comparing what he's getting out of certain players compared to his predecessors.

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2. Graeme Souness cuts to heart of United struggles in debate with Neville.

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3. Graeme Souness has predicted that Richarlison will quit for "a bigger club than Everton" if he delivers the goods for a few seasons.

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4. Graeme Souness puts Gary Neville on the spot with Mourinho question during heated debate.

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5. Graeme Souness arrived in Govan as player-manager in 1986, with the duo going on to.

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6. Liverpool FC legend Graeme Souness believes Manchester United player could have been sent off vs Man City.

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7. James Milner reveals 10 Graeme Souness words which spelled the end of Newcastle United career.

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8. Graeme Souness spots what Sergio Aguero did after David Silva goal in Manchester derby.

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9. Gary Neville and Graeme Souness embarked on a lengthy discussion over Manchester United and Jose Mourinho on Monday night.

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10. Gary Neville and Graeme Souness were involved in a heated exchange on Sunday with the former posing Souness an interesting question.

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11. Graeme Souness reveals what he would do with Man Utd's midfield.

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12. Graeme Souness turns into Jeremy Paxman as he asks Gary Neville same question over and over again.

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13. Graeme Souness has been inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame, the Scottish Football Hall of Fame (in 2004) and the Rangers FC.

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14. In 1998, Graeme Souness was included in the Football League 100 Legends list.

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15. In 2010, Graeme Souness sold the family home in Colinton to Fred Goodwin, and moved to a newly developed property in Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset.

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16. In 1985, Graeme Souness wrote an autobiography called No Half Measures.

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17. Graeme Souness has appeared as a television analyst in the UK and Ireland regularly since his managerial ended.

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18. On 2 February 2006, Graeme Souness was sacked as manager by chairman Freddy Shepard and replaced by United's Youth Academy Director Glenn Roeder.

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19. Graeme Souness seemed to be tightening up Newcastle in defence, with six clean sheets in Newcastle's first 12 games of the season, as many as the whole of the preceding campaign.

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20. Graeme Souness left Blackburn in 2004 to become manager of Newcastle United.

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21. In 1997, Graeme Souness was signed by Benfica's new chairman Joao Vale e Azevedo, who promised to return the club to its former glory.

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22. Graeme Souness is perhaps best remembered at Southampton for signing Senegalese player Ali Dia, supposedly on the recommendation of former FIFA World Player of the Year and former Liberian striker George Weah.

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23. Graeme Souness banned Smith from the club areas, and said that in his last phone call with Tommy Smith, instructing him not to hang around the official club areas, he was certain he had "made an enemy for life".

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24. In his autobiography, Graeme Souness said that Thompson, the reserve team manager, was overheard angrily criticising his tactics and purchases behind his back.

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25. Graeme Souness claims Liverpool chief executive Peter Robinson at the time had warned him this was a Liverpool team in decline and that they only had one player who was still "great", John Barnes.

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26. In 2009, Graeme Souness said of his time as Rangers' manager, "When I look back on my actions and antics at Ibrox I bordered on being out of order.

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27. In May 1990, Graeme Souness was fined £5,000 by the SFA for breaching a touchline ban after television pictures showed him in the tunnel area yelling at his players on the pitch.

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28. Graeme Souness stated that religion was not an issue for him; his first wife was a Catholic and the children from that marriage were baptised Catholic.

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29. In 1991, Graeme Souness left Rangers to take over as manager of Liverpool.

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30. Graeme Souness arrived at Ibrox with a reputation as one of Europe's leading midfielders, a view evidenced by his success at Liverpool and, to a lesser extent, with Sampdoria.

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31. Graeme Souness was appointed Rangers' first player-manager in April 1986, signing from Sampdoria for a fee of £300,000 and succeeding Jock Wallace.

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32. Graeme Souness claimed in his autobiography, The Management Years, and press interviews that this was the only time in his whole career he had been dropped.

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33. Graeme Souness was omitted by caretaker manager Alex Ferguson for Scotland's final match against Uruguay.

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34. Graeme Souness left Liverpool in 1984, joining Sampdoria for a fee of £650,000.

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35. In an ill-tempered first leg at Anfield, Graeme Souness broke the jaw of Dinamo captain Lica Movila, which went unpunished by the referee.

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36. Graeme Souness played a critical role in Liverpool's retention of the European Cup against FC Bruges in 1978 at Wembley Stadium, providing the pass for Kenny Dalglish to score the match's only goal.

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37. Graeme Souness formed the final part of the Scottish triumvirate, leaving Middlesbrough in acrimonious circumstances for a club-record fee of £350,000 on 10 January 1978.

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38. Graeme Souness made one first team appearance for Spurs, in a UEFA Cup tie as a substitute.

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39. Graeme Souness was brought up in the Saughton Mains area of Edinburgh, and supported local side Hearts and Rangers.

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40. Graeme Souness was the captain of the successful Liverpool team of the early 1980s, player-manager of Rangers in the late 1980s and captain of the Scotland national team.

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41. Graeme Souness is one of the most prominent television football pundits in the UK and Ireland, most notably through his work for Sky Sports.

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42. Graeme Souness has claimed Manchester City are keen to sign Tottenham playmaker Christian Eriksen as a replacement for David Silva.

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43. Graeme Souness believes Anthony Martial is one of the two brightest talents at Manchester United, along with compatriot Paul Pogba.

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44. Graeme Souness has praised Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba for what feels like the first time to the surprise of his fellow Sky Sports pundits.

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45. Graeme Souness has earned a reputation as Paul Pogba's biggest critic.

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46. Graeme Souness is extremely complimentary about the quality at Man City.

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47. Graeme Souness believes City are actively seeking a replacement for the ageing Silva, as well as possible.

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