15 Facts About Washington College


Washington College is a private liberal arts college in Chestertown, Maryland.

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George Washington supported the founding of the college by consenting to have the "College at Chester" named in his honor, through generous financial support, and through service on the college's Board of Visitors and Governors.

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Washington College is the 10th-oldest college in the United States and was the first college chartered after American independence.

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Washington College evolved from the Kent County Free School, an institution of more than 200 years' standing in "Chester Town, " which by the college's founding date of 1782 had reached considerable strength and importance as a port city.

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George Washington consented to the fledgling college's use of his name, pledged the sum of 50 guineas to its establishment, and extended his warm wishes for the "lasting and extensive usefulness" of the institution.

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Washington College later served on Washington College's Board of Visitors and Governors — his only such involvement with an institution of higher learning.

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Washington College's first president, the Reverend William Smith, was a prominent figure in colonial affairs of letters and church, and he had a wide acquaintance among the great men of colonial days, including Benjamin Franklin.

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Washington College is host to the Harwood Series, which includes speeches by national politicians and media pundits.

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Washington College brought a class out onto the green, where they read poetry and drank wine.

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Washington College has competed in intercollegiate athletics since the 19th century.

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Washington College fielded a varsity football team through 1950, a men's track and field team through 1982, and a men's cross country team through 1989.

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Six Washington College presidents were ordained in the Episcopal Church or the Methodist Protestant Church before their term.

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Washington College presidents have come from many parts of public life.

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Alumni of Washington College includes two Governors of Maryland, a Governor of Delaware, four United States Senators, seven members of the United States House of Representatives, and nine State senators.

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Outside of the world of politics, nine alumni of Washington College played at least one game in Major League Baseball including Jake Flowers who was on two World Series winning teams.

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