8 Facts About Zambia

1. In 2017, Zambia hosted and won the Pan-African football tournament U-20 African Cup of Nation for players age 20 and under.

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2. In 2011, Zambia was due to host the tenth All-Africa Games, for which three stadiums were to be built in Lusaka, Ndola, and Livingstone.

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3. In 2012, Zambia won the African Cup of Nations for the first time after losing in the final twice.

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4. In 2007 Zambia recorded its ninth consecutive year of economic growth.

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5. The total number of languages spoken in Zambia is 73.

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6. The new name of Zambia was derived from the Zambezi river.

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7. On 24 October 1964, Zambia became independent of the United Kingdom and prime minister Kenneth Kaunda became the inaugural president.

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8. For most of the colonial period, Zambia was governed by an administration appointed from London with the advice of the British South Africa Company.

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