19 Facts About Zeke Stane


Ezekiel "Zeke" Stane is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics as the son of Obadiah Stane and an enemy of Iron Man.

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Zeke Stane is the son of Obadiah Stane, and has been building bioweaponry and manufacturing next-generation weapons for terrorists and supervillains since he was nine.

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Zeke Stane is a post-national business man and kind of an open source ideological terrorist, he has absolutely no loyalty to any sort of law, creed, or credo.

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Zeke Stane doesn't want to beat Tony Stark, he wants to make him obsolete.

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Fraction would follow The Order with a new monthly on-going Invincible Iron Man title, with Zeke Stane appearing in its first story arc "The Five Nightmares" to further his vendetta against Tony Stark.

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Zeke Stane is first seen attending a meeting with the Board of Directors of a big tobacco company who had hired him to tweak their tobacco to produce a higher basal metabolic rate in the people who smoked it: in layman's terms, they wanted him to invent a cigarette that would make users lose weight.

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Zeke Stane reveals he did succeed in doing it, but that he only took the job to use the company's money to make upgrades for the biotechnology he put in himself, upgrading his own hypothalamus to utilize energy within the body, that Zeke Stane swiftly uses to execute the board of directors with energy blasts from his finger tips.

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Zeke Stane meets with Stark a second time during a party moments before suicide bombers appeared and self-destructed.

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Zeke Stane ultimately confronts Stark with his own unique armor, while using terrorists armed with his technology to attack Stark Industries facilities around the world.

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Zeke Stane had been visited a few times in his prison sentence and was "paroled" by the Mandarin, Sasha's father, to now employ Zeke with Tony Stark being informed after the fact.

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Later, Zeke Stane used a photo of the Iron Man armor in short cut at the Daily Bugle and make it look like the hero was drunk.

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Also, Zeke Stane planned along with Mandarin to use classic villains of the Armored Avenger against him, such as Chemistro, Living Laser and Mauler.

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Zeke Stane started affecting Stane with his ring, making him obsessed with the work.

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Irked by this, Zeke Stane managed to remove his bomb implant and face off against Mandarin.

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Zeke Stane saw the arrival of Exterminatrix of the Midas Foundation who knocked out Dario and declared herself a new member of their assembly.

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Zeke Stane is revealed to be the financial backer of a rebellion against T'Challa in Wakanda.

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Ezekiel Zeke Stane appears in the Marvel Future Avengers episode "Secret Past of Iron Man", voiced by Yohei Azakami in Japanese and Benjamin Diskin in English.

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Ezekiel Zeke Stane appears as an occasional boss in Iron Man 3: The Official Game, voiced by Tom Wayland.

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Zeke Stane's mother withheld information about his father until the latter died and Ezekiel received his inheritance.

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