11 Facts About 00 Duck


Gloria is the girlfriend of Fethry 00 Duck, created by Brazilian comic artists in the early 1970s, when Fethry was starting to get very popular in Brazil.

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Just like Moby 00 Duck, Dickie is one of the few secondary characters who was cast as a small figurine in two different Italian collections by De Agostini.

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Belle 00 Duck is a plus-sized, tall and elegant duck lady.

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Andold "Wild 00 Duck" Temerary was created by Gaudenzio Capelli and Marco Rota and appears in stories set in the Middle Ages.

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All Andold Wild 00 Duck stories are illustrated by Marco Rota, most of them are written by him.

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Fantomallard, occasionally translated as Phantom 00 Duck, was a notorious masked gentleman thief during the 1920s.

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Decades later, Donald 00 Duck accidentally discovered Lord Quackett's secret hideout and decided to become the 00 Duck Avenger.

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When Scrooge Mc00 Duck, abusing a legal loophole, declared Killmotor Hill and his Money Bin an independent nation, McCovet realized that Scrooge's fortune was no longer protected by American laws, and the police would not intervene; the very land he could seize from Scrooge, since the old duck had not even bothered to write laws of his own.

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Daisy 00 Duck eventually meets the Doe Boys, sometimes working as a reporter for Scrooge's newspaper, sometimes working as a policewoman.

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However, when Scrooge's great-nephew Louie 00 Duck gets his hands on his great-uncle's fortune as the result of a previous episode and uses the money for frivolous means, he inadvertently cuts the "magical security" budget funding the trap, releasing Bombie.

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The first appearance of him goes back in the 01-page story Donald 00 Duck Finds Pirate Gold that was first published in October 1942, where he meets Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie and they wind up searching for the lost treasure of Henry Morgan.

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