13 Facts About Aaron Hicks


Aaron Hicks grew up in Compton, California, attending Woodrow Wilson Classical High School, where he was a star baseball player.

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Aaron Hicks attended Major League Baseball's Urban Youth Academy, designed to promote baseball in the urban areas.

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Switch hitter, Aaron Hicks was drafted by Minnesota Twins in the first round of the 2008 MLB draft out of Wilson Classical High School in Long Beach, California.

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Aaron Hicks was a top 100 prospect by Baseball America four times.

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Aaron Hicks chose his new number to honor Dave Winfield, who wore 32 for the Twins.

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Aaron Hicks gave up switch hitting during the 2014 season due to a lack of confidence in his ability to bat left-handed.

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In early June 2017, with just 154 at bats, Aaron Hicks had already hit more home runs and RBIs than in all of last season.

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Aaron Hicks would hit another inside-the-park-home run against the Kansas City Royals on May 19, becoming the first Yankee since Mickey Mantle in 1958 to hit two inside-the-park-home runs in a single season.

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Aaron Hicks ended the season with 27 home runs, 79 RBIs, and 119 hits, all career highs.

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Aaron Hicks began the 2019 year on the 10-day injured list due to a lower back strain.

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Aaron Hicks revealed that after his Tommy John surgery recommendation, he had decided not to have surgery immediately and engaged in light physical activity on his own.

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Fellow outfielder Aaron Hicks Judge hit a Grand Slam that night, making MLB history for the first two players with the same first name to hit Grand Slams in the same game.

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Aaron Hicks is an accomplished golfer, having competed in numerous youth golf tournaments.

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