11 Facts About Action Man


Action Man was originally produced and sold in the United Kingdom and Australia by Palitoy Ltd of Coalville, Leicestershire from 1966 until 1984.

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The first Action Man figures were Action Soldier, Action Sailor and Action Pilot.

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Action Man was then developed with primarily British themes from 1970 onwards: military, adventurers, and sportsman, as Palitoy wanted to distinguish their product line from the US counterpart.

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Military style Action Man toys made a brief resurgence in the early 1990s, but between 1996 and 2006 Hasbro used the name without any military theme as a modern adventurer complete with arch-enemies Dr X and Professor Gangrene.

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Action Man character was again rebooted by IDW Publishing in 2016 for a four-issue limited comic book series.

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Second innovation for Action Man was a form of flocking giving the effect of a short "fuzzy" hairstyle in 1970, very similar to the hair flocking used on early "Ken" dolls produced by Mattel.

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The only Action Man that came with sideburns and not a full beard, was the "Georgie Best" footballer figure.

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All original Action Man uniforms were tagged inside the neck collar; the early issue even had the bullet holes of the box logo; this was later discontinued.

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Three of them were variations on the standard Action Man; a cyborg Atomic Man, a dark-skinned Commando Tom Stone, a red and silver superhero Bullet Man, and lastly a brutish Neanderthal look-alike; The Intruder, which was a minimally articulated figure.

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In 1980 one more figure not based on the Action Man doll was added: "ROM" the Robot, licensed from Parker Brothers and originally called Rom Spaceknight, that would be adapted into a long-running comic book series by Marvel.

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Joe, during the 1960s, Action Man had a wooden footlocker with plastic tray insert to store his accessories in.

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