10 Facts About Adamawa State


Adamawa State is a state in the North-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, bordered by Borno to the northwest, Gombe to the west, and Taraba to the southwest while its eastern border forms part of the national border with Cameroon.

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Geographically, the state is mainly composed of the highlands of mountains and the Adamawa Plateau crossed by valleys and rivers, most notably the Benue and Gongola rivers.

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The lowlands of Adamawa are part of the West Sudanian savanna in the north and the wetter Guinean forest–savanna mosaic in parts of the south while elevated areas are parts of the Mandara Plateau mosaic and Cameroonian Highlands forests ecoregions.

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The German-controlled area formed a part of German Kamerun until allied forces invaded and occupied Kamerun during the Kamerun campaign of World War I After the war, what is eastern Adamawa State became most of the Northern Cameroons within the British Cameroons until 1961, when a referendum led to merger with Nigeria.

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Originally, modern-day Adamawa State was a part of the post-independence Northern Region until 1967 when the region was split and the area became part of the North-Eastern State.

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Historically, Adamawa State is home to the major happenings of the Islamic Jihad, led by the Sokoto Caliphate in the early 1800s.

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Till today, the state of Adamawa is led traditionally by an Emir known as Lamido, who is a descendant of the Islamic kings who conquered and ruled the area, prior to the amalgamation of Nigeria.

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Name "Adamawa State" came from the founder of the kingdom, Modibo Adama, a regional leader of the Fulani Jihad organized by Usman dan Fodio of Sokoto in 1804.

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Adamawa State has been badly impacted by the Boko Haram insurgency.

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Governor of Adamawa State is the Executive, the State Legislature, Adamawa State House of Assembly, is located in Yola, the states capital.

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