15 Facts About Adelaide derby


Adelaide City, then known as Adelaide Juventus were a club backed by Adelaide's Italian community, while West Adelaide Hellas drew their support from the city's Greek population.

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Adelaide derby City was founded as Juventus in 1946 by a group of Italian migrants, some of whom had previously been members of a club called Savoia.

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West Adelaide derby Hellas was founded in 1962 by some Greek migrants who had previously been part of the Hellenic Olympic club, banned by the South Australian Soccer Federation for crowd violence.

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The Greek club merged with the original West Adelaide derby, which was founded in 1910 and played home games at Hindmarsh Stadium.

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West Adelaide derby reached the final of that year's Federation Cup as it took out the second-tier competition.

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In 1966, West Adelaide derby won the first division for the first time, taking out wins against Juventus home and away in the process.

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West Adelaide derby won the next two league championships, before Juventus won the league again in 1970.

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Only Polonia Adelaide derby managed to break their dominance for a single season, winning the league in 1975.

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Arguably the biggest Adelaide derby ever played between the two clubs was contested in the final round of the 1978 National Soccer League season.

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West Adelaide derby needed just a draw to win its first NSL title and become the first Adelaide derby club, and first outside New South Wales, to be crowned Australian champion.

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The NSL had been split into two conferences from 1984 to 1986 and the two Adelaide derby clubs competed alongside sides from Victoria and Queensland in the Southern conference.

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However, West Adelaide derby had struggled, finishing fourth from bottom in the conference.

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West Adelaide derby claimed glory two months later though, when Socceroo striker Greg Brown scored a brace in front of a packed Hindmarsh Stadium.

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Adelaide derby City returned its focus to the South Australian Premier League in 2004 upon withdrawing from the NSL.

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In 2008, nine years since the last Adelaide derby was played in the NSL, West Adelaide ended its arrangement with Olympic and returned to fielding senior teams in the third tier of the South Australian competition.

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